~ 7 Things to do for Yourself everyday…

Happy Monday folks!! 

Since it’s a new week and we all strive to be the better version of ourselves, atleast at the beginning of the week, before slipping back into the usual, by the end of the week, I thought of sharing something different today.

Today I am talking about 7 things we should all do for ourselves,  because we need to love ourself and make it a habit to take care of ourselves. After all, how can you serve from an empty container?! Similarly when you aren’t happy from within, giving happiness to people around can be tricky, almost impossible.

So for 7 things (in no particular order), that I think we should all do for ourselves, read on! Once you start doing these or atleast a part of these, for yourself every day, trust me it will make a huge difference in how you feel.

1) Plan out your day:

Every night before going to bed, make a plan for the next day. Take into consideration work, personal commitments and family time as well as running errands, workout time etc.

Having a plan for your day will make you wake up feeling like you can take on the world!! And also, don’t shy away from asking for help from your partner. Every once in a while we all get overwhelmed and need some help!

2) Don’t forget to workout:

I am not a fan of the gym but I definitely do get in atleast 30 minutes of workout in my day.

Lately, the hubby and I have made it a habit of waking up an hour earlier every morning and go for a nice 30 min walk in the morning. It’s definitely a very refreshing start to the day!

To motivate you, take a look at some of previous posts – ~ Workout Motivation…~ Arm Challenge…~ Spell your Workout….

3) Take out time for your skin:

A skincare routine is a must – I myself do not have an elaborate one, but definitely follow one religiously.

Taking time for your skin is extremely important! I’ve shared some posts talking about the CTM process (~ Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing (CTM)… Skin Care Basics!!), my favorite face products (~ Face Products I swear by…), skin care 101 (~ Skincare 101…), detox water (~ Detox Water… for a good skin and clean system) which might be a good place to start.

4) Keep in touch with family and friends:

Our families are not in the US and our friends are scattered all over the US. We often try to FaceTime with our family over the weekend and constantly try and keep in touch with friends via WhatsApp, messages and Facebook.

Thanks to technology, keeping in touch has been made easy!

5) Hydrate:

Drink up! And mostly water 😉 Hydration is key. It makes your skin clearer, relieves headaches, and is usually the cause of not feeling well. I try to constantly drink water throughout the day.

Flavored detox waters (~ Detox Water…) are my favorite and I’ve shared some in my previous post which is linked above. You should aim to be drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water per day, I am working on it. Also another healthy way to hydrate is smoothies (~ Smoothies!!).

6) Smile:

Smile, it will make you and everyone around you happy. It’s as simple as that!! 🙂

7) Spend time with family: 

Don’t forget to spend some time with your family every day before going to bed. In our busy lives and mundane routine, we often forget what’s most important – family!! And also friends. But mostly family! Sorry friends 🙈😉 Anyhoo, each day before heading to bed, make sure to do something with your loved ones that makes the day special and adds to those wonderful memories we all strive to create – be it the beverage of your choice and a chit chat session, games night, cooking together or cleaning up together, painting with the kids, helping them with their home work or just simple as reading a bed time story. Trust me, by being able to spend some quality time with your family, you will be going to bed a lot more happy and content.

So, what do you do for yourself every day? 

4 thoughts on “~ 7 Things to do for Yourself everyday…

  1. I love that last quote, it’s so true. My family doesn’t live close to me but I do make an effort to visit as often as I can. Family is definitely number one for me. I also love number 3. I’ve learned to really buy quality over quantity. A good facial mask does wonders. Great post!


    • Hey! Thanks so much for reading!! Yup, my family doesn’t live closer either but far enough that visiting only once a year is possible, so I make full use of FaceTime!! Haha!! Yup! Quality over quantity – for sure. What’s your favorite facial mask, I’d love to try it out, do let me know.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m currently obsessed with Lush facial masks and I find that they actually do great things for my skin. I’m a huge fan of Mask of Magnaminty because it’s so minty and fresh, but I’m currently also trying their Love Lettuce mask and that one has a fantastic scrub. I’d definitely recommend those two!

        Would you by any chance be interested in sharing your thoughts and opinions on Creators.co? I’d love to send you some more information so feel free to send me an e-mail (my contact details are on my blog).


      • Hey!! Lush is my all time favorite too! Infact I am writing a post on my favorite Lush products as we speak! And Mask of Magnaminty is definitely on that list. Haven’t tried the Love Lettuce mask, will give it a try next time I am in their store. Sure thing, I’ll send you an email shortly and we can connect that way. Have a great week!!

        Liked by 1 person

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