~ Quick Fix: Besan Ke Ladoo!!!

With all the festivities coming up, and getting Mithai/sweets from outside being a bit risky this year, I am bringing to you some easy Indian sweets you can make at home easily, and mostly with ingredients already available at home!

I had shared my homemade Kajukatli a little while back, and today on the menu, just in time for Janamashtmi is Besan Ke Ladoo! So read on.


– 3/4 to 1 cup powdered Sugar (depending on your preference)

– 2 cups besan (gram flour)

– 1 cup melted ghee

– Powdered green cardamom/elaichi


– Put ghee and Besan together in a pan, on very slow flame, keep roasting it till you get the aroma and another indication of it being done is that the Besan will loosen up. Usually takes 20-30 minutes.

– When the ghee separates from the Besan, and Besan becomes light and smooth when stirred, switch off the gas and add powdered cardamom.

– When it becomes warm, and can be held in the hand (not room temperature or cold, but not super hot either!) mix in the powdered sugar. Do not put sugar when it’s hot as this will make the sugar hard and you won’t be able to shape the ladoos.

– Make golf sized balls by placing in the center of your palm. And ta-da you are done!!

Best part: These can be stored in air tight containers at room temperature for upto a month!!

So what you waiting for, go get some ladoo making underway!

Until next time, be happy!


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