~ Skincare 101…

You are probably wondering why I call such posts 101? That’s coz I do not claim to be a specialist in anything, actually in all honesty, I am far from that! I call my posts 101 since it’s like a introductory class, mostly detailing where to start from.

So coming back to this post, it is essential for us women to follow a skincare regime regularly and stick with it (if it works for us) or else find a new one (that suits us better). Even a simple step like washing the face regularly is essential! Usually cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing should be your routine, but I am guilty of not cleansing! Ooopzy!!

In my ~ Face Products I swear by… post I shared details on some face products that have worked wonders for me and are on my repeat list when it comes to products for the face.  Today I am listing some steps that will go a long way in ensuring healthy skin and hence should definitely be a part of your skincare regime, in my opinion that is.

Protect your skin: We need to always protect our skin from not only the sun but also pollutants in general. Use a sunscreen every day, even in the winters. I myself have been working on making this a habit! At the end of the day, not only should you make sure you wash your face but also use a good make-up remover to remove all the make-up before heading to bed. Do not forget to always sleep with a clean face. We need to wash our face a couple of times a day to ensure it’s free of pollution and dirt and our pores are not clogged, but make sure to not over-wash.

Sleep: This one is my favorite! It’s called beauty sleep for a reason you know 😉 Haha! Basically when we are sleeping, our skin is rejuvenating and repairing any damage our skin may be experiencing. At night, before going to bed, use a night cream to help boost the recovery.

Keep hydrated: When you keep yourself hydrated, your skin automatically is hydrated. Dry skin attracts wrinkles and other signs of ageing and we don’t want that, do we? Water, detox water (~ Detox Water…) or even smoothies (~ Smoothies!!) are a great way to hydrate.

Healthy Diet: A balanced diet is crucial for healthy skin. Promoting healthy skin with diet is all about adopting good nutritional habits like eating fresh food, green leafy vegetables, dry fruits, fresh fruits and dairy all have their advantages when it comes to good skin and a healthy body in general. I am not saying that eating outside food or processed food is bad, but definitely moderation is the key.

Face masks/facial: Face masks and facial help speed up the healing process which is very important for the overall health of our skin. Do not do facial more than once a month. I get facials once in 2-3 months but make home made face masks, use Lush products or other products very regularly, once a week for sure.


So go ahead and take care of our skin, it’s essential for looking younger 🙂

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