~ Carry-On Essentials when flying with a baby!

Hey y’all… Howdy?!

Sorry for the radio silence here, I’ve been away on a vacation to Istanbul, Turkey and India, and we just got back Sunday before last!

I’m working on a Istanbul Travelogue but today I am sharing with you my carry-on essentials when flying with a baby!

As I post this, I have taken 12 flights (8 international and 4 domestic – 2 within the US and 2 within India) with Lil Miss Krits and hence feel like I am little knowledgeable on this topic to share that knowledge with you all today.

Her 1st Flight at 5 months old, to Miami!!

The most important thing when traveling with a baby is to make sure you have read the TSA/Airport rules of where you are flying from, before going ahead with anything. This will save you a lot of time at the airport / security check.

Her 1st International Flight at 6 months old heading to Dubai and Kuwait!!

My list in no particular order is as follows:

Diapers: My rule of thumb is 1 for every 2 hour of flight and transit time. And then 5 extras on top of that. Use long term diapers like Pampers Baby Dry or Pampers Cruisers because it has more absorption power and keeps the baby drier for longer when compared to Pampers Swaddlers for example. You’d think my rule is a little extra cautious, but trust me it’s better to not risk getting stranded without diapers during a travel delay.

Diaper cream: Pack a travel size one.

Changing pad: Pack the disposable ones, these are use and throw and make life so much easier. You can use your regular one too, but in case of a super messy diaper, there could be stuff that gets on your changing pad and having to wash and dry it on the go could be a hassle.

Baby wipes: I swear by using baby wipes for everything!!! Not only for diaper changes. Want to wipe baby’s hands and mouth – use baby wipe, want to clean up a spill – use baby wipe, dropped something on your clothes – use baby wipes, you get the hint 😉 Haha!! I always carry an extra unopened new pack as a back up. My favorite wipes are Pampers Sensitive Wipe or the ones I got from Kuwait – Voi and Bivy Wet Towels.

Plastic bags: A few plastic bags and diaper disposable bags (you can use pet waste pick up bags) are very handy when it comes to having to dispose or store away wet or dirty clothes and diapers.

Burp cloths, Bibs and Wash cloths: I always carry atleast 4-5 of each, just because they do not consume much space and it’s good to have backups in case one or two get messy.

Nursing cover: If you are breastfeeding, honestly a big non-transparent scarf would do!

Blankets: Not a big huge one, instead a small just right size one should definitely be packed since airports and flights are always cold. In international flights they give you blankets, so you could skip this if you wanted to, unless there is a particular blanket your baby loves and prefers to have.

Mat: This only works if your baby is tiny enough and isn’t moving around yet. You can spread it on the airport floor / airplane floor for your little one to play on. If you don’t want to pack an extra bulky mat, like I didn’t want to, I used a lightweight big scarf of fine to serve the same purpose.

Two changes of clothes for your baby: Coz messes do happen!

Change of clothes for yourself: Well, coz messes do happen!!

Pacifiers: If your baby uses one, pack the one they use and an extra one just in case. Pacifier’s sucking motion in general is a good idea during landing and take off so that the baby’s ears don’t hurt. Use a pacifier clip to ensure it doesn’t fall down and is clipped to your baby.

Teething Toys: If your baby is in that stage. Try to buy ones that can be clipped using pacifier clips.

Cotton Buds / Ear Plugs: This helps with the whole ear popping situation during take off and landing.

Snacks for the baby: Things like their cereal, puffs, crackers, fruit, purée etc. whatever your child eats.

Breast milk or formula: Both of these are exempt from the TSA’s 3-ounce limit, as is baby juice. They also don’t stop opened formula boxes. You could also get individual, pre-measured formula packets to mix with bottled water, any number of bottles water (ofcourse within limit) is also exempt from the TSA limit. The ready to drink formula bottles are a life saver when it comes to calming down a howling hungry baby!

Canned or jarred baby food: Definitely can carry them along, but just be prepared for additional TSA screening. Some international flights provide you with a baby meal, basically it’s either fruit or vegetable purée. How cute!

Milk Bottles and nipples: Always pack milk bottles and nipples in separate ziplocks as batches. What I mean by this is at one time pack about 4-5 bottles along with some formula and keep that out near you in the flight, once done with that batch, bring out the next ziplock and put these used bottles back. It’s more efficient this way. And always pack them in a ziplock especially if they are already filled with water as it’s always better to be safe than sorry in case for any reason they leak.

Passport (definitely required when traveling overseas) or any other form of identification if traveling domestic: This one’s a no-brainer!

Basic Medicine / First-aid kit: Including the regular antihistamine and acetaminophen, plus any prescriptions particular to your baby. Don’t give your baby Benadryl or another antihistamine unless your pediatrician recommends it. Packing the baby’s nasal aspirator and saline solution in carry-on is also a good idea.

Travel Insurance documents: As applicable.

Some more International flying with Lil Miss Krits on our way back from Kuwait and Dubai.

Download their favorite nursery rhymes and some soothing music too: Having to log into YouTube all the time can be data consuming and also you probably won’t have WiFi all the time, so downloading their favorites for easy access is always a good idea.

Toys and Books: I always carry her favorite toys no matter where I am going along with some current favorite books. You can make a separate smaller bag for these, it’s easier that ways.

Baby Carrier: For international flights, once you give the stroller and/or car seat at the gate, you don’t get it till baggage claim at your final destination – this is when a baby carrier comes in handy. For domestic US flights, they give you the stroller/car seat at the airplane gate itself at arrival.

Stroller and Car Seat (along with covers): I found this stroller bag and this car seat bag on Amazon and it’s a life saver when having to gate check these items – it keeps them clean and germ free along with protecting them from damage and are super easy to identify!

Have you travelled a lot with your kiddo?! What was on your carry on list?? I’d love to hear.

Until next time, safe travels…

Recent International Flight to Istanbul and India!

~ Life with a Newborn / What I have learned in these 6 months as a New Mommy!!

**Long Post Alert**

As I write this post, it’s 2am and I am sitting with a bottle in my hand, hoping my baby girl, little Miss K finishes it so we can both go back to sleep. Ofcourse I went back to bed once she decided that she had drank how much ever she wanted to, and finished writing this post over multiple such night feeds.

The idea of this post came to me when a friend who is currently pregnant read my precious maternity / baby related posts and asked me to share my experiences with a new born.

My first thought was – what should I write and how should I approach it? Experience with a new born differs not only baby to baby, but also parents to parents, and also the same set of parents have a totally different experience with their other baby, it isn’t something that is standard across the board.

Then I thought I’d share my general experiences and let the reader decide whether or not some or any of it applies to them, so here goes!

– NO SLEEP for the 1st 2 months

– You’ll change more diapers than you care to count

– Breastfeeding or Formula: Really depends on your baby and the situation

– It’s all about the baby!! Shopping, home improvement, FaceTime with family, your routine, everything!!!!

– Sleep when the baby sleeps works only so much!

– Get your stuff done when the baby sleeps

– Laundry is a never ending chore, make friends with it

– White noise machine is your best friend

– And so is a Baby Monitor

– Involve your partner

– Don’t hesitate to ask for help

– You will lean over the crib to make sure your baby is ok and breathing just fine and that’s absolutely ok, you aren’t going cray cray

– You will miss your me time

– You will cry

– You will be overwhelmed

– You’ll be an emotional wreck right after delivery thanks to those hormones and this newly found over flowing love you have for your baby

– You will be over-protective like a Mama Bear

– You’ll fall even more in love with your partner

– Showers are over rated!! LOL!! No but really!

– You’ll make peace with weird schedules

– Don’t forget to make time for you and your partner

– You’ll read more product reviews than you care to admit

– Amazon will be your best friend and that Prime membership, totally worth it

– Friends with kids the same age as yours will be easier to hang out with

– Some of your friends will suddenly fall off the face of the earth

– Learn to say no to and recognize fake friends

– Do what’s best for your little family

– You’ll enjoy some alone time after a night feed and sometimes no matter how sleepy you are, you’ll want to chill for a little bit

– Social media will be your best friend and worst enemy too, all at the same time

– A clock in your bedroom is a must

– You’ll be paranoid about germs and how to shelter your child from any and all possible sickness

– You’ll have a new found respect for your mom

And lastly, but definitely not the least:

– Being a mommy will come to you naturally!!!

So on 19th February 2018, our little miss sunshine turned 6 months old and here are some pix of my 6 month old princess…

Hope this post was helpful and motivating for you new mommies. Until next time, ciao!