~ Island Style – 2!!

With Spring Break around the corner and a lot of you having some beach getaways planned, or for those who are still stuck with frigid temperatures and are surely dreaming of tropical weather, today’s post is on Island Fashion!

My 1st Island Fashion post can be viewed here: ~ Island Style – 1

For the July 4th long weekend last year, we drove to Florida, and went to Pensacola Beach, Destin and Panama City Beach! I’ll be sharing our trip details soon, but for now, wanted to share some of my looks for our beach getaway 🙂


I was absolutely feeling the boho vibes while on the beach or in and about a beach town and most of my looks reflect the same!

My first look was a long skirt with a cute short top, not in any shape to show my mid section (that I call tummy) though, LOL!!

The skirt is from Target and the top is from Aeropostale and my headband is from Claire’s and Jewelry from Charming Charlie.

My second look was a coverup and a big beachy hat. This coverup is from Miami, and so is the hat. But I am linking some cute options here (Amazon Cover-upsAmazon Beach HatsTarget Cover-upsTarget Beach Hats). My swim wear is from Walmart and I love their Catalina line (Walmart Catalina Swimwear).

My third look was a Desi fushion look – pairing a demin shirt with harem pants! Harem pants are from India and the denim shirt is from Kuwait, I wasn’t able to find similar options for the harem pants but here are some denim shirt options (Target Denim Shirt).


There’s something about the beach, it relaxes me completely and also gets the quirky side out in me!

My first look in this collage was a simple shorts with T-shirt paired with a funky sleeveless kimono. Linking similar options here (NY&C ShortsOld Navy TopTarget Kimonos).

My second look was for July 4th fireworks!! This cute dress was hanging in my closet for a good part of the year but I hadn’t found the perfect occasion to wear it, but fireworks at the beach sounded perfect!! The dress is from Aeropostale, wristlet from Coach and my funky wooden jewelry from Hawaii, head band from Claire’s.

For a day out on and about the beach, I wore this coverup that I got from Bahamas over my swim wear with my beachy hat. Similar options linked here (Amazon Cover-upsTarget Cover-upsAmazon Beach HatsTarget Beach Hats and lastly Walmart Catalina Swimwear).

For our sunset cruise, I wanted to keep it chic yet cool (and by cool, I mean cool temperatures as it was scorching hot!!) so I opted for this denim skirt I got from Kuwait along with this funky top from and beachy hat I got from our trip to San Juan. Similar options  linked – Denim SkirtCool Tops from GapAmazon Beach HatsTarget Beach Hats).

For my flip flops, I usually shop at one of the following: AeropostaleOld Navy and AerosolesTarget has a cute collection too!

It was a super fun trip and we had a great time! I’ll definitely be talking about these destinations and their details more towards the summer, so stay tuned!!

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Alright folks, thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend and the upcoming Spring Break!! 🌴☀️


~ Houston – Off the Beaten Path: Wall Murals – Part 1.

Howdy folks?! It’s December!!! I know!!!! Cray cray right?! It’s like 2016 flew by! It was a good year, and I am thankful for that and eagerly looking forward to making the most of rest of 2016 before stepping into 2017 with full force!

Today’s post is for the locals. Houston has a lot to offer, but most of us don’t really know that. We blame it for not being “touristy” enough for us to have options to take our guests to or even for us to explore on weekends!

So, today I am going to take a step towards changing this misconception about the city I have been calling home for the past 8+ years and what better than starting a new series on the blog that I am calling “Houston – Off the Beaten Path”.

Today’s post is artsy! Perfect for a chilly yet warm afternoon in December (thanks to the weird Houston weather). In this post I am talking about 10 wall murals around Houston – I have randomly selected these, it’s not like these are the best around town or anything like that. Since there are many wall murals around town, I’ll share them 10 at a time.

So here we go –

1) We ❤️ Houston sign

Address: 1816 Thompson St, Houston, TX 77007

Tips: This is on the feeder of I-10 so be very very careful when parking and getting a pic. Parking is sometimes an issue since there is always on-going construction there, but you can park on a dirt lot or at the town homes near the sign. Please be aware that high speed cars are always exiting the freeway, so be extra cautious.

I know this isn’t a wall mural rather an art installation, but I couldn’t not feature this in my first artsy post about Houston, coz guess what?! I surely do love Houston!!

2) Zipper Wall

Address: 1513 St. Emanuel, Houston, TX 77003

Tips: Ample parking on an often empty parking lot. There are quite a few more murals in the immediate area, so definitely allot some time to explore!

3) Biscuit Paint Wall

Address: Biscuit Home store at 1435 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006

Tips: Since this is one of the most widely known murals in Houston, early mornings is the best time to visit to get less people and cars in your pic since this wall belongs to a business so during the hours they are open, the parking lot can get crowded. Parking is easily available by the side of the street and on parking lot during business hours. Speaking of the business, definitely browse the Biscuit Home while you are there, it’s a beautiful home goods store.

4) Houston is inspired 

Address: 313 Travis St., Houston, TX 77002

Tips: Metered parking is available in the streets a block and a couple of blocks away from the mural. The parking lot where mural is located is not public but the area is relatively safe as you are right in the middle of downtown! Visit early morning on weekends to avoid the cars parked on the assigned reserved spaces right in front of the mural (like in this pic of mine, unfortunately).

5) Hummingbird

Address: Frenetic Theater, 5102 Navigation Blvd., Houston, TX 77011

Tips: Parking is limited on the side of the mural, but if you go early in the morning you should have no trouble finding a spot.

6) Lady, Fox, and Bear Mural

Address: Winter Street Studios, 2101 Winter St., Houston, TX 77007 (Mural is on back of the building)

Tips: This mural is on the back of Winter Street Studios, so parking is ample and easy, though the area can be a little unsafe at times, so be careful.

7) Outlook on life

Address: City Centre Lululemon Store, 800 Town and Country Blvd #100, Houston, TX 77024

Tips: Parking is available on several parking garages in City Centre. Definitely go around City Center and spend some time at the hot spot of Houston -where you can grab lunch or dinner, or pick a few macarons and cupcakes while shopping!!

8) Houston

Address: Emanuel St. @ Leeland St. 77003 

Tips: There are many pretty murals around this area, so make sure to have some time on hand to explore! Parking isn’t a problem, but this part of downtown is a little shady so be careful of your belongings and definitely lock your car!

9) Iron Man

Address: On the intersection of Bell St. and Emanuel St, 77003

Tips: A must stop if you have kids or in my case a hubby who is an Iron Man fan!! Haha!! Parking is available on the street and there are many nice murals around so dedicate time to explore. Once again, this is not a very good part of downtown so be careful!!

10) Windy Day Diva

Address: This is in City Centre, kinda hidden though! If you park in the garage by Brio, and exit towards the apartments that are located in the same building as Brio, you’ll spot this right infront of their leasing center. 

Tips: Parking is available in several parking garages around City Centre. Definitely go around and spend some time at the hot spot of Houston – where you can grab lunch or dinner, or pick a few macarons and cupcakes while shopping and clicking pix at many beautiful murals around City Centre, for more on which, watch this space!

… to be continued.

Before I end this post, a word of caution – all these murals around town are subject to be removed / painted over, so if you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t be disheartened – I hope there’s something prettier that has taken its place, but we still have many more murals to explore!

Hope you enjoyed this post!! There are many more wall murals around town, so watch out my blog for the continuation of this series, till then, be artsy and enjoy our town like you haven’t before!!