~ Couple’s Fashion: Fall Looks (Anniversary Special)

Howdy all you wonderful people?! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! As I am sharing this, we are on our way back from a magical vacation to Lake Tahoe, which I will be recapping on the blog soon.

It’s been a while I posted Couple’s fashion and hence today, I am talking about just that, featuring recent looks from our Anniversary celebrations!! Fall Fashion (atleast in Houston) is a mixture of my summer wardrobe along with some jackets and scarves needed here n there.

Houston is finally feeling like Fall and I am loving it none the less!! Don’t get me wrong, I love all year round summer but having lived in Virginia for 4 years before moving to Houston, I do miss the 4 seasons and hence get super excited when the temperatures dip in Houston, even if it’s just for a weekend 😉 LOL!!

This was our look for The Lights Festival, we attended on Saturday, Nov 5, to celebrate the start of our anniversary celebrations. It started out as a pleasant day but got chilly towards the night, and that’s when my denim jacket came to my rescue and kept me warm.

My look:

Denim Jacket – Loft (similar options Loft Denim JacketForever 21 Denim JacketOld Navy Denim Jacket)

Boots – Rampage Boots from Macy’s (similar options: Macy’s Boots)

Jeggings – June and Daisy from Sam’s Club

Top – Ann Taylor (some cute options: Ann Taylor Tops)

Tote Bag – Gucci (Gucci Tote)

Watch – My Fitbit Charge 2!!

The hubby’s look:

Jeans – He loves his Pepe Jeans – gets them from India, Shopper’s Stop! Here in the US, his favorite brands of jeans are Levis and Lee.

Shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren (similar options: Polo Shirts)

Shoes – Calvin Klein from Macy’s (CK Macy’s)

Sunglasses – Ray Ban from Sunglass Hut (similar options: Sunglass Hut Ray Bans)

The Sunday of our anniversary weekend, we adorned this look for the Texas Reinesance Festival.

My look:

Sleeveless Jacket – The Limited (couldn’t find the exact one, but here is a similar option: Macy’s White Denim Jacket)

Top – Cato Fashions (cute options: Cato Fashions Tops)

Jeggings – June and Daisy from Sam’s Club

Boots – White Mountain from Macy’s (similar options: Macy’s Boots)

Tote Bag – Gucci (Gucci Tote)

Watch – My Fitbit Charge 2!!

Flower headband – H&M (similar options: H&M Flower BandForever 21 Flower Headband)

Hubby’s look:

Joggers – Old Navy (similar options: Old Navy JoggerHollister Joggers)

Hoodie – AE (similar options: AE HoodieAE Hoodies)

Sport Shoes – Nike

Sunglasses – Ray Ban from Sunglass Hut (similar options: Sunglass Hut Ray Bans)

Our anniversary was on a Monday, so once the hubby got home from work, we head out for a cute simple romantic dinner at a new Italian restaurant that opened up at the Memorial City Mall. We had eaten at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Denver and hence were excited when it opened up here in Houston!

My look:

Dress – City Chic from Nordstrom (similar options: City Chic Dresses)

Boots – White Mountain from Macy’s (similar options: Macy’s Boots)

Jewelry – Swarovski & Kay Jewelers

Hubby’s look:

Shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren (similar options: Polo Shirts)

Jeans – Pepe Jeans from India

Shoes – Calvin Klein from Macy’s (CK Shoes)

Thanks for reading along!! 

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~ Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you – Ralph Lauren

~ How to clean Make-up Brushes…

Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend and have lot to be thankful for in your life. I surely do!

This long weekend, take some time to pamper yourself and give some much needed love to your skin. I’ve talked about skin care in various posts, ~ Skincare 101… and ~ Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing (CTM)… Skin Care Basics!!, but there is another very important factor when it comes to clean, healthy skin and that is maintaining clean and hygienic make-up brushes.

With often use or being stored away, bacteria tend to accumulate and grow on the brushes resulting in our skin to break-out. Ofcourse, the life of brushes also depend on where you bought them from, how much they cost and also how you store your them, but cleaning is essential no matter what.

I clean my brushes monthly, and in this post, I am sharing some ways to clean your make up brushes.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes:

1) Easiest way to clean is to use Baby Shampoo (since it’s mild) with hot water and soak the makeup brush for about 20 minutes, rinse with water and then dry on a clean towel.


2) Another way is to use Olive Oil and Dish washing Detergent. This method is for those brushes that are used with creamy foundations, since those are more stubborn to clean.


3) The easiest and I would say laziest way to clean the brushes is using a bar of soap. Choose a non-scented soap, placed in a bowl so it does not slip away. Now swirl the brush in circular motion to create lather but ensure the soap does not enter the barrel of the makeup brush since it can damage the glue that sticks the bristles to the handle and this could lead to breaking your brush. Wash gently and with  warm water to get rid of all the soap lather, dry laying flat on a clean face towel or washcloth.

Preferably, leave the brushes to dry over-night and definitely do not use a hair dryer to dry the brushes, since the heat can damage the bristles.


Hope these tips were helpful and now you can use a clean brush to dress up the Diva in you!!