~ Spell your Workout…

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you already know the fact that the hubby and I have been following a healthy diet and also working out regularly.

I’ve shared many posts on workouts, namely ~ Workout Motivation… and ~ Arm Challenge… as well as shared some posts on maintaining a healthy diet, namely ~ Detox Water… and ~ Smoothies!!

In today’s post, I am sharing another workout plan that I’ve completed successfully earlier this year. 

This one is “Spell Your Workout, Questions of the Day” and even though the plan is for January 2016, you can cater it to any month easily, the basics remain the same. It was not only a fun workout but rigorous too, sharing details below:

I don’t take the credit for this workout since it was shared by a fellow Fitness Buddy, but I can tell you this, it kicks your butt and you’ll feel oh so much better once you are done!

So what are you waiting for?! It’s pretty self-explanatory so go get started!! Cheers to a fitter you 🙂

~ Arm Challenge…

In my ~ Workout Motivation… post, I had mentioned that we have a fitness group where we share challenges and this is one of my favorites from all the challenges I’ve completed so far. I started this challenge with 3 pound weights and built my stamina slowly and steadily, now I do this workout using 5 pound weights and needless to say I am loving my arms. My arms are not only toned but I can see muscles building too and to top it all of I can see a great increase in my strength.

Below I am discussing the advantages of each move that is a part of this arm challenge:


Bicep Curls work the biceps which are major, highly visible muscles and training these have a significant impact on the appearance of your arms. Working your biceps can help contribute to a tighter, more defined and more toned look for your arms.

Upright Row work your shoulders. By doing this exercise, you’ll nail the majority of your shoulder and upper back muscles with one underutilized compound movement. Win-win in my book!!

Triceps Kickbacks work the tripceps and can often be used as a replacement for tripcep dips, but both these exercises offer a great deal of benefits but it’s key to have have healthy, pain-free shoulders with good mobility to do these exercises successfully. So make sure to not over-strain yourself in case you have weak shoulders.

Overhead Shoulder Press gives your body a complete full body workout and helps build upper body mass and strength. This exercise makes your shoulder muscles stronger.

Bent-Over Reverse Fly is another shoulder strengthening exercise but ensure to bend your knees a little so you are not straining them. Incase your knees are not strong, you can skip this exercise all together since you are already incorporating other moves that concentrate on and work the shoulders.

When I first started this challenge, I used to not take the rest days seriously and often in my over-enthusiasm I would combine days together. While this was ok when I was using 3 pound weights, that wasn’t the case with 5 pound weights. I realized that it is important for my muscles to get rest in the middle to be able to recover.

Another thing I have learned the importance of, over time, is proper posture while doing these exercises. I would recommend you YouTube or Google the correct ways of doing these exercises before indulging in them and definitely start with light weights, like maybe 2-3 pounds.

As I’ve said in my posts earlier, I try to follow up my workouts with post workout ~ Smoothies!! and re-hydrate myself. For some yummy water recipes to stay hydrated while working out and otherwise, take a look at my post ~ Detox Water… 🙂

If you are wondering when to start working on your arms, now is the time! Hope this post was helpful and motivating!! Yay to a fitter you!!