~ Colorado (Winter Special)…

Heya folks!

I thought of starting the new year with some travel posts. So today I am bringing to you details from our Colorado trip.

Disclaimer: This trip was way back in 2012 and at that time I didn’t anticipate starting a blog and hence a lot of details on this trip have since then been forgotten and emails deleted, so I apologize in advance for not going too much in detail, like with my other travel posts. Hope you’ll understand!!

Colorado is another state that is a year-round destination with each season offering something new and exciting. Our 10 day trip to Colorado in the winter of 2012 was nothing short of a magical winter wonderland trip.

As I say with all my posts, this isn’t an exhaustive list, for that you have Google!! This is just a list of things we did while we were there.

In a nutshell we flew into Denver and while staying there we drove around to cover – Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Garden of Gods, Red Rock Amphitheater. We then drove to Breckenridge from Denver where we stayed for a couple of days. We then stopped at Frisco on our way to SnowMass Village from Denver. While staying at SnowMass Village we drove to Aspen for a day. On our way back from SnowMass to Denver, we stopped at Vail.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

How to get there: Fly into Denver International Airport, which has great connectivity from all around the world, let alone the US.

Rental Car: Renting a car from the airport is a must. If visiting in the winter, definitely rent a 4 wheel drive, preferably an SUV, coz you’ll need it with all the snow around!!

Where to stay:

Denver: Sheraton, Denver Downtown.

Breckenridge: The Lodge & Spa at Breckenridge.

SnowMass Village: The Westin SnowMass Resort.

I would suggest to not stay at an Air B n B because in my opinion the best way to experience these cities is to be right in the heart of them!! But that’s just my opinion…

Activities we did / places to see:Denver is like any other city, we saw the State Capitol, toured the US Mint.We also drove to Rocky Mountain National Park where we did some hikes and wildlife watching. On the way to Rocky Mountain National Park, we stopped at Estes Park to enjoy some beautiful views! We saw the Pompeii and Egyptian Mummies exhibit at the Denver Museum of Natural Science and celebrated New Years in Denver. While there, we also visited the Garden of Gods and stopped at the Red Rock Amphitheater on our way to Breckenridge.

– Snow Tubing in Frisco

Rentals are available onsite.

– Breckenridge:- Snow Mobiling

Some options for reservations:

SnowMobiling – 1

SnowMobiling – 2

Skiing and Snow Boarding

Rentals are available onsite.

– Sunset Horse Sleigh Rides

Some options for reservations:

Horse Sleigh Rides – 1

Horse Sleigh Rides – 2

Don’t mind my silly outfits, this Texan chic was definitely not prepared for how cold it was. Subzero temperatures were haunting us day in and day out.

– Skiing in Aspen

Rentals available onsite.

Dog Sledding in SnowMass Village:

For reservations: Dog Sledding

Vail: Quick pit stop on way back to Denver, went around the market place. Sunset views from ontology of the mountain were definitely worth shivering in the cold.

While some beautiful drives like the Independence Pass was closed for winter, this was definitely a trip I’d suggest anyone looking for some winter action to take, trust me Colorado in winter won’t disappoint!

As for food options there is plenty for every one, so there’s nothing to worry about there either!

Hope you enjoyed my post, until next time, Ciao!!


~ Island Style – 2!!

With Spring Break around the corner and a lot of you having some beach getaways planned, or for those who are still stuck with frigid temperatures and are surely dreaming of tropical weather, today’s post is on Island Fashion!

My 1st Island Fashion post can be viewed here: ~ Island Style – 1

For the July 4th long weekend last year, we drove to Florida, and went to Pensacola Beach, Destin and Panama City Beach! I’ll be sharing our trip details soon, but for now, wanted to share some of my looks for our beach getaway 🙂


I was absolutely feeling the boho vibes while on the beach or in and about a beach town and most of my looks reflect the same!

My first look was a long skirt with a cute short top, not in any shape to show my mid section (that I call tummy) though, LOL!!

The skirt is from Target and the top is from Aeropostale and my headband is from Claire’s and Jewelry from Charming Charlie.

My second look was a coverup and a big beachy hat. This coverup is from Miami, and so is the hat. But I am linking some cute options here (Amazon Cover-upsAmazon Beach HatsTarget Cover-upsTarget Beach Hats). My swim wear is from Walmart and I love their Catalina line (Walmart Catalina Swimwear).

My third look was a Desi fushion look – pairing a demin shirt with harem pants! Harem pants are from India and the denim shirt is from Kuwait, I wasn’t able to find similar options for the harem pants but here are some denim shirt options (Target Denim Shirt).


There’s something about the beach, it relaxes me completely and also gets the quirky side out in me!

My first look in this collage was a simple shorts with T-shirt paired with a funky sleeveless kimono. Linking similar options here (NY&C ShortsOld Navy TopTarget Kimonos).

My second look was for July 4th fireworks!! This cute dress was hanging in my closet for a good part of the year but I hadn’t found the perfect occasion to wear it, but fireworks at the beach sounded perfect!! The dress is from Aeropostale, wristlet from Coach and my funky wooden jewelry from Hawaii, head band from Claire’s.

For a day out on and about the beach, I wore this coverup that I got from Bahamas over my swim wear with my beachy hat. Similar options linked here (Amazon Cover-upsTarget Cover-upsAmazon Beach HatsTarget Beach Hats and lastly Walmart Catalina Swimwear).

For our sunset cruise, I wanted to keep it chic yet cool (and by cool, I mean cool temperatures as it was scorching hot!!) so I opted for this denim skirt I got from Kuwait along with this funky top from and beachy hat I got from our trip to San Juan. Similar options  linked – Denim SkirtCool Tops from GapAmazon Beach HatsTarget Beach Hats).

For my flip flops, I usually shop at one of the following: AeropostaleOld Navy and AerosolesTarget has a cute collection too!

It was a super fun trip and we had a great time! I’ll definitely be talking about these destinations and their details more towards the summer, so stay tuned!!

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Alright folks, thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend and the upcoming Spring Break!! 🌴☀️