~ Manicure: Dip Nails!

If you know me, you know how much I love my nails painted!! Before having LilMissK, my nails were almost always impeccably painted in the most season appropriate colors. During pregnancy I painted my nails sparingly since some chemicals in the nail polishes aren't very pregnancy friendly, and once the little one was born, it almost … Continue reading ~ Manicure: Dip Nails!

~ Work-wear Tips for Hot & Humid Summer!!

Hello hello folks!! How's it going?! Hope its not blazing hot where you are! If you are anywhere in or near Texas, you must be getting grilled big time, coz I sure am! With the temperature being 98F and feels like 102F in the middle of June, I can't even imagine what July and Aug … Continue reading ~ Work-wear Tips for Hot & Humid Summer!!