~ Newborn Essentials: Part 2!!

Hey y’all!! Howdy?!

Some of you asked me how am I finding time to bring these posts your way… Well to be honest, I write these posts during/after night feeds when I have burped Little Miss K and am waiting for her to be done with the “incline time” suggested by her pediatrician – this is basically to minimize spit ups, but trust me, sometimes it doesn’t work. LOL!! Story of every parent’s life I tell you. Also sometimes when I get a break during the day, I’ll sit down and write some thoughts down, which later turn into blog posts y’all love and appreciate so much!!

So, getting back to this post, what am I sharing today?! Today I bring to you the 2nd part of the Newborn Essentials, Part 1 which got immense love and a great response / feedback, so thank you for that!!

I am glad my posts are able to help new mommies decide what to buy and for some of you, help out in selecting what to gift at your friend’s baby shower!!

So without further ado, my list in no particular order is…

Car seat and stroller:

A car seat is a must buy, much before you are full term, because in the US they don’t allow you to bring the baby home without a car seat, for safety reasons.

Our Chicco KeyFit 30 is one of the best in the market and I highly recommend it. We also love our Chicco Viarostroller which is compatible with the car seat. We selected the Viaro for its lightweight as compared to other Chicco and Graco strollers and being a 3 wheeler stroller it’s super comfy to drive as well.

You can buy the car seat and stroller together as a “travel system” or separately too. Just make sure the car seat and stroller are compatible with each other.


The Hensvik Crib was our choice since we like Ikea furniture as it’s durable and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Crib Mattress:

A hard mattress is of utmost importance since the kids spine is developing and sleeping on a hard surface helps it develop straight. Also for safety reasons, the pedestrians say that kids sleeping in the same bed as parents without a co-sleeper isn’t ever a good idea. The ComforPedic Mattress we chose is a hard yet a comfortable one and we also use a Serta Crib Mattress Protector Pad over the mattress.


The Snuggle Nest was one of the best purchases we did. This allows you to easily co-sleep with your baby in the same bed with full comfort of the baby and without any fear. It’s super comfy and little Miss K is still enjoying it, even at 3 months old. And not to forget, it’s super helpful when you are breastfeeding, those night feeds become easier.

Crib mobile:

A crib mobile is a must in my books. The musical toy not only helps the child relax and fall asleep quicker but little Miss K loves even playing with it and has made some really good friends with the mobile animals of her Levtex Baby Naomi Safari!! Scientifically it also helps the kid’s eyesight develop and teaches them to focus on things. The music also relaxes her and puts her to sleep, which is a win-win, trust me! We have 2 of these, but one would be more than enough I say… LOL!!

Summer Infant White Noise Machine:

Another must have is a white noise machine as it puts the baby to bed easily, thanks to the soothing tunes. Our Gray Elephant has been loved by Little Miss K since day 1.


Our Ingenuity Swing is the most used item in the house!! Little Miss K loves it, it’s her favorite to chill and relax during the day and also all that rocking puts her to sleep!! It’s a handy little thing even when you need to keep the baby in the incline position after they have had milk. This one item is definitely worth the splurge as it comes with multiple attachments making it very versatile.

Tummy time / Activity playmat:

This is one activity that is recommended by all pediatricians as a must, right from the beginning and I am glad we found the Infantino Go Gaga playmat.

Bath tub:

I highly recommend our Skip Hop Whale Bathtub as it’s convenient to use with a newborn and can be used till much later since the tub adapts as the child grows. I also bought the Waterfall Mug but as much as I find it cute, a regular mug would suffice!!

Baby monitor:

This is a must no matter how big your house is. Ours is a 2 bedroom apartment, and still this monitor is of immense use. We are TV addicts and often the kiddo is asleep in the bedroom while we are out in the living room watching TV, and that’s when having this Nest Cam comes in handy! We choose this as it also has an app that syncs the camera to the phone, making viewing easier while on the go.

Diaper Bag:

I can’t emphasize enough on how important this is!! It’s like your best friend for the next couple of years, as it’s going to accompany you everywhere you go. LOL!! Being a brand lover, I always wanted mine to be from Vera Bradley and I am loving my selection! It’s spacious and yet very chic and stylish, just how I like it.

We also have a Manly Diaper Bag for when the hubby and the kiddo go out without me! But also since this is a backpack, it’s going to be convenient to use for trips.

Baby On Board Sign:

Available at any baby store, I feel like this sign placed on the rear of the car, makes other drivers a little bit more careful around you, but then again, in Houston, I doubt anyone cares! Yes, I hate Houston drivers and the traffic here is nothing short of scary, but oh well…

Car Mirror:

The Brica Car Mirror one was an impromptu buy and I was surprised how much Little Miss K loves it!! This not only lets us keep a track of what she’s upto while we are driving but the animals on the mirror that swing when the car is moving keeps her happy! Haha!! Babies are so cute and easy to make happy, it’s so refreshing!

Diaper Genie:

Say bye bye to stinky diapers all thanks to the Essentials Diaper Genie!! Definitely a must buy.

Hope this post was helpful and helped you decide what you gift your preggo friends and for those of you who are expecting their bundle of joy, this helped calm some nerves when shopping gets overwhelming thanks to a million options out there. Once again, these are just my suggestions and not a compulsory list by any means. The only things compulsory when it comes to raising a child is love and commitment, both of which I am sure you will dedicatedly give your little one.

Anyways, after all those emotional dialogues, let me continue by saying that the next posts are going to be Part 3 of the Newborn Essentials series, specifically dedicated to Feeding, because this is whole another ball game and I’ll be tackling that information in another post, coming your way shortly…

I also have a Newborn Essentials Part 4 in the pipeline that talks about the “Good to Have” things, so stay tuned!!

Until the next post, Ciao 🙂🙃

~ Newborn Essentials: Part 1!!

Preparing for a baby is hard work, in more ways than 1. Your life is about to change forever and mostly all for the good… Except loosing some sleep, that part is not so good. LOL!! But more on that later!

In a series of upcoming posts, I am sharing some newborn essentials, which in my opinion are a must. I am also working on a post of things that are “good to have” so that’ll be coming your way soon as well. But for now, my focus is on the absolutely necessary items. I am also working on a “what to keep in your hospital bag” post so stay tuned for that as well.

So without further ado, my list of newborn essentials, part 1, in no particular order, is as follows:


Clothes and many clothes is the key for preparing for a baby, but always a size bigger! Invest in just a few newborn pieces as they aren’t going to be that tiny for more than a week or two, if you had an on-time / full term delivery. The story for a premie baby is a bit different. So what I mean to say is that you should have more of 0-3 months onesies initially, and then 3-6 and so on and so forth. Also keep in mind the weather in your city when the baby is 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-9m and so on, and buy the clothes accordingly.

Onesies worked wonders for us especially since you are going to be changing a billion (no really, that’s the count) diapers!!! I like anything that opens up from the bottom and has easy access to the diaper. And that’s the reason why I am not a big fan of pants when it comes to babies and luckily since mine is a girl, onesies and baby dresses are all I need, mostly!!

Stock up on atleast 10-12 onesies. You’ll be amazed at how many times you can end up having to change the little one and having to do laundry everyday is definitely not what you want especially when you are already preoccupied with a newborn hence having atleast 10 onesies is a good idea.

For night wear, have a wearable blanket or a micro-fleece overall onesies so you can skip the need of a blanket and hence your little one will be safer when they sleep at night.

Mittens weren’t preferred by little Miss K, but it’s a must-have since kids scratch themselves all the time! Caps and socks are needed too. Having atleast 5 pairs of each is a good start. The story about mittens is a mixed one, our baby couldn’t care less to keep them on, so for us it was a waste of money. Also I read somewhere that mittens actually hinder sensory development, and it is better to let babies feel their face and other things with their hands without the mittens blocking them, so I guess you can skip these if you want to.

Burp cloths are an absolute must and so are Wash cloths. I would suggest having atleast 10 burp cloths (they do get dirty easily, thanks to all the spit-up babies do while you try to burp them, exactly for the reason that they don’t spit up, vicious circle I know!) and washcloths, you can never have enough. We have about 40 wash cloths and some weeks, they still are less as they are needed for all sorts of activities – sponging the baby after a massage, cleaning spit ups, cleaning the baby in general and what not!

Hooded towels are a must and we have 5 of these, but since here in the US, the pediatrician recommends a bath for the newborn once in 3 days , I would suggest that 2-3 hooded towels are more than enough for your day to day, coz trust me, that laundry machine is going to run often.

Diapers, Diaper Rash Cream and Baby Wipes:

Stock up!!!!! You’ll need MANY MANY diapers and even more wipes, trust me, consider yourself warned!!

We are always stocked up on at least a month’s supply of diapers and baby wipes. Since we live in a apartment and have carpet, we don’t prefer cloth diapers / nappies coz it can get messy easily and fairly quickly.

Diaper rash cream is a must, and if you aren’t too lazy, then apply it with every diaper change and if you are like us, a little lazy, then apply it atleast a few times during the day. Apart from this, also give the baby diaper-free time while you massage, as it’s good to air things out, atleast once everyday.

We swear by Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Sensitive Wipes. As for diaper rash cream there are a couple of good ones – Dr. Smith, Destin and Aquaphor.

A caddy to arrange all your diapers in one place is a good idea and also changing pads, like the rubber ones we get in India is a good investment. In my opinion a changing table is waste of money as it’s not necessary to run to the changing station every time. We just change her diaper in the room we are by bringing the caddy and a rubber changing pad along. It’s really convenient, trust me!


2-3 blankets are good enough and 3-4 crib sheets are good to start with.

You can skip pillows, bolsters, crib bumpers, and decorative pillows because it is usually advised to keep the baby’s crib empty of all decorative and unnecessary items.

If you want a pillow, consider getting one filled with mustard seeds as that usually takes the shape of baby’s head and helps in getting that perfect round head.


Baby shampoo and body wash (often they are the same) is an absolute must and I recommend either Aveeno or Dove. Also a small soft bristle baby hair brush for combing that delicate head. A nasal aspirator and one for the mouth is necessary too. And definitely buy a thermometer and some nail files, since their nails grow like weeds, and if not filed, they will scratch themselves crazy! I really liked this Summer Infant Kit and would surely suggest buying this.

I guess this post has already become a long one, so I’ll be sharing more newborn essentials in the next segment – so look out for more posts of newborn essentials coming your way 🙂