~ 25 things you can accomplish in 10 minutes…

Being a stay at home busy mommy, often during the span of the day, there are many times I feel like if I accomplish a few easy tasks, I’ll feel so much better, especially when Little Miss K is napping.

More often than not, we, in the repetitive day to day routine, get carried away and forget smaller things that actually are or can be important and are easy to achieve.

So, just for fun, I thought of sharing a list of 25 things you can accomplish in 10 minutes, so here goes:

1. FaceTime with your loved ones.

2. Call family or friends you’ve been wanting to, but have been “too busy”.

3. Meditate – Alom Vilom is a good place to start.

4. Do a quick workout, check out my post on some quick workout challenges that worked wonders for me: Spell your Workout, Arm Challenge, Workout Motivation.

5. Make a Smoothie or infuse some Detox Water.

6. Reply back to emails / blog comments.

7. Pick up and arrange baby toys.

8. Put a load of laundry.

9. Fold that laundry load once done.

10. And finally put away said laundry.

11. Wipe down kitchen counters!!!

12. Load the dishwasher.

13. Empty the dishwasher.

14. Wash some baby bottles and put them to sterilize.

15. Take out the trash.

16. Make some purees for your little one.

17. Write your significant other a note and hide it somewhere they will find it later 🙂

18. Thin out your nail polishes – here’s how.

19. Clean makeup brushes – here’s how.

20. Organize your closet of stuff that should be put away.

21. Clean out your purse/backpack/workbag/diaper bag!!

22. Sort through your mail.

23. Make a grocery / shopping / to-do list!!

24. Stalk your favorite Instagram accounts. Mine’s nshrivas 😉

25. Sit on your patio and just relax!

Think how good you would feel if you did 3-4 of these things a day. That’s a lot of things you are getting done while you’re putting off the things you need a break from.

What are a few things you would add to this list?

~ Henna / Mehendi Hair Mask for Deep Conditioning…

Henna is a dye prepared from crushing leaves of the Lawsonia Inermis plant as known as the Henna tree! This is all natural and a very commonly applied on hands and hair. It is also called Mehendi.

Henna for the hands is whole another ball game as today I am talking about using Henna for deep conditioning your hair.

While there are many benefits of Henna for the hair, some of them are as follows, I mainly use it to repair my hair, help with hair loss and reduce oiliness, luckily I don’t have any greys yet, so I don’t use Henna to dye my hair and hence not talking about that aspect in my blog today.

1. Improves Scalp Health

2. Conditions the hair

3. Repairs damages and strengthens hair

4. Is a natural hair dye

5. Promotes hair growth and curbs hair loss

6. Balances the pH of the hair and reduces oiliness.

So with that said, here’s how to go about putting Henna in your hair!

You’ll need:

– I use Nupur Henna that’s specifically for the hair and has the goodness of 9 herbs mixed into it, see the picture below for more details. You can buy it online or from any Indian store near you. Or get it from India on your next trip!

– If you are using regular Henna, make sure it is good quality Henna, then make sure to add the following to the powder – herbal mixture of 1 tablespoon Manjistha powder, 1 tablespoon Bhringraj, 3 tablespoons of Amla Powder and 1 tablespoon of Shikakai Powder. This is optional and doesn’t effect the color, it just helps with conditioning the hair.

– 1/2 cup black tea

– 1/2 cup black coffee

– 1/2 cup boiled beetroot powder (gives a more burgundy tingle)

– Little bit of Yogurt or lemon juice

– Aluminum Foil and a Shower Cap


– Take required amount of Henna in a kadai / iron vessel. I have hair little below my shoulder, and 1.5 cups of Henna is needed, so adjust accordingly depending on your hair length.

– Brew the tea and coffee.

– Boil the beetroot in water.

– If your Mehendi doesn’t already have the herbal mixture pre-added and you are interested in adding it, do that now, to the Mehendi powder you took out.

– Once the tea/coffee/beetroot water has cooled down a little bit, strain it and mix it into the Henna making a semi-liquify / pasty consistency. Do not make the mixture runny. Make sure there aren’t any lumps. Mix with a spoon to avoid getting your hands dyed.

– Leave overnight.

**Using an iron vessel is recommended because that will help in oxidizing and giving that deep rich color and tinge to your hair. And the reason we soak this mixture overnight is because Henna needs to be soaked properly to give good color to your hair.**

– Next day before application, add either yogurt or lemon juice, this helps curb dandruff as well. But be careful with lemon juice as too much of it can cause hair to start greying!! I always prefer using Yogurt.

– Henna application is always tedious and messy and time consuming, so make sure you have ample of time in your hands before you start application. Start by wearing gloves and taking your hair coloring brush. If you don’t have a hair coloring brush, simply use your hands!! Start applying from the back of your head in small sections, covering the entire length of your hair root to tip. Once you have applied to the entire hair, pile it up on top and wrap with aluminum foil and cover with a shower cap.

– Leave this mixture for 2-3 hours atleast, since I have black hair, to get that perfect tinge, I leave it in my hair for 4-5 hours.

– When you are ready to wash it off, first rinse with plain water to ensure all the Henna is out and then you can apply conditioner as Henna does dry out the hair. I avoid putting shampoo the same day.

– In a day or two, I will oil my hair and then shampoo and condition as regular. Henna can make your hair brittle, so always oil after this treatment.

Now enjoy your freshly Henna colored / deep conditioned hair!! Don’t forget to flaunt it!

I had also shared some Hair Conditioning Tips in an earlier blogpost, take a look.

Until next time, stay stylish!!

** Apart from the Henna packet collage, all other images are courtesy Google**