~ 7 Tips for dressing up for work this Winter!!

I haven’t done a fashion post in a while!!! Sorry about that. Lifestyle, recipe and travels along with maternity related stuff has kept the blog busy, but for those readers who have been requesting more fashion related content, this post is for y’all!!

Dressing up for work in winter can be a challenge, it’s cold and gloomy and all we want to do is wear comfy pjs and sip on hot coffee all day long. LOL!! Well that would be the scenario in my ideal world, unfortunately work is work, so today, I thought of sharing some tips on how to dress up for work this winter, read along…

1) Little Black Dress

Till very recently, I didn’t have a LBD in my wardrobe and often didn’t understand the whole hype about one. But since I have owned a pair, I totally see how a LBD is a must for any wardrobe!! It’s such a versatile piece. Aim to get a classic chic black dress which isn’t too fancy. Not only will it provide you countless options for layering, accessorizing, dressing up or down, it will also provide you numerous outfit options!! And don’t forget that it will come in handy when laundry hasn’t been done, thanks to it’s versatility!

2) Statement Color

If you are like me and love colors, wear it! It’s 2018 and the rules for office attire are changing and colors are more widely accepted now. The key here is choose classic colors and keeping the hot pinks, blood reds and mints for the weekend. A pop of color with neutral goes a long way but definitely do not don’t overdo it.

You could also do a pop of color via your lipstick to spice up a neutral outfit. Or accessorize a neutral outfit with colors!! The options are endless!

3) Legging-Like Pants

I live in leggings, have been and will continue. No shame there! Haha!! I own a lot of pairs, from jeggings to yoga style ones… I even have a couple of work approved leggings, that are basically skinny legged work pants and are as comfy as leggings but look formal. Not only are they comfy but they work well with boots and look super chic with heels or flat ballerinas!!

4) Neutral Sweater

I always have a classic sweater on the back of my desk chair for easy access during the day because offices are always chilly. Choose a neutral color that will go with anything. Not only is it the the perfect defense against over-air-conditioned offices, but it will help you transition between seasons. If you have the liberty to, keep a couple of pieces for being more stylish.

5) Modern Blazer

I believe in less is more and quality over quantity. I used to be a quantity kinda chic earlier but then I realized that if you buy versatile good quality pieces, you can make more from less!! Invest in pieces that go from work to weekend with the change of accessories and you have won the style battle! And not to mention your wallet will be happy too!!

A modern blazer will definitely do just that – be versatile. You can choose to play with colors or keep it black, simple but always a winner!

6) Scarves

Like necklaces and earrings are a staple in my spring and summer wardrobe, scarves are a must in my fall and winter wardrobe. I have way too many scarves to even count, but believe it or not I actually wear them all. I have also shared a post on scarf styling for both men and women.

7) Your Personal Style

Don’t let your office dress code take away your spark!! The most important thing is to always embrace your personal style and wear clothes that make you feel your best and that you are comfortable be. Don’t follow trends blindly, always go accordingly to your taste and body type. When you are confident in your outfit, you will shine with confidence in everything you do. So go ahead and embrace your personal style.

Hope you found this blog post helpful… Lemme know in the comments section below!! Until next time, stay stylish!!

~ At Home Date Night Ideas!!

This post is a Valentine’s Special post especially dedicated to parents!!

Life with a baby is drastically different they said… It’s totally true, I say!!

After having a baby almost 6 months back, I would definitely agree that life with a baby is a complete 180 degree turn from life before kids.

Today’s post isn’t about comparing life before and after baby, even though that would make for a fun post (takes mental note, then writes it down also, coz who am I kidding, a new mother has a billion mental notes and she’s likely to forget them all. LOL!) anyways, I digress again… Gosh! Ok ok. Let’s continue. So today’s post is about date nights and how you can have a date night at home and keep the spark alive with your partner, even after having kids and being super busy!!

So without further ado, let’s jump in:

– Dinner and a Movie

This is a fool proof date night idea – a classic combo you really can’t go wrong with! For a couple who loves to cook, trying your hand at a new recipe is a great way to spend time together, else just order in. Pick a movie you both have been wanting to see but haven’t been able to, or choose a classic you both enjoy and grab some popcorn, cuddle and enjoy!

– Candle-Light Dinner

Turn that dinner into a candle light dinner and skip the movie for a more intimate one on one time together. For those couples who loves the outdoors and star gazing, take your candle light dinner outside to the backyard or the patio!

– Wine or Beer Tasting at Home

This one can be fun if you both are into alcohol. Pick up a variety of wines or beers from your local grocery store and have a tasting night. Pair it with your favorite food for an even better experience!

– Plan Your Next Trip

This one is a kind of a tease but useful too. Turning the night into trip planning session can get you both excited and organized for an upcoming trip, all while spending time together and my friends this is a win-win situation you ask me!!

– Go Down The Memory Lane

Dig out your old favorite photos and take a trip down memory lane, you could also relive your wedding day/festivities by watching the wedding DVDs. We do this not as often as I would like to, thanks to the fact that indian weddings have a billion functions and each are a million hours long! I know there is a pause or a fast forward button, but what’s the fun in that! When we do sit down to watch these though, it surely is be fun to look back at all of the wedding photos and videos from our big day!

– Games Night

This is one of my favorites!! We often play games over the week, once Little Miss K has been settled for the night, so in my household this isn’t a typical one time affair, rather it’s on repeat whenever we get time. Believe it or not, we always have Catan laid our on dining table because we were play a game almost everyday!! #theaddictionisreal

– Have a Fondue Dessert

For this, you can call me fancy, but I do own a fondue set and use it quite often. Not always do we have time to go to our favorite Melting Pot, so a little dessert fondue at home is just the thing to do! If you’re a chocolate loving couple, like we are (no surprise there), you can’t go wrong with fondue!

These are some of the ideas that came to my mind for this post, but trust me there are endless opportunities when it comes to spending time / making time for your partner.

After writing this post, I am soooooooo looking forward to planning our next at-home date night and I hope you are too!! So go ahead and chill, relax and enjoy each other’s company and I shall see you in my next post. Ciao!