~ To-Do… For a Happier Life!!

With December here, it’s time for many of us to start thinking of what our New Year resolutions are going to be. Some want to work out more, some be more successful while some want to delete those friends who aren’t adding any value to their life. While all these are great, and help you achieve a better you, have you given a thought to working on a happier life instead?!

A happier life by default leads you to a better you and a better life. And today, I am sharing a list that I think helps make us happier in turn making our lives happier.

So in no particular order, my list is as follows:

– Spend quality time with family, even if the quantity isn’t a lot. The key here is it being quality, which you guessed it, includes being away from your phones!

– Play with children, their innocence will amaze you.

– Give someone you love a hug or a kiss or both! The power of these to make you happier instantly is immense.

– Go for a walk around nature.

– Cook your favorite food.

– Buy flowers for loved ones and even for yourself, just because!

– Do a picnic.

– Travel to a new place.

– Re-visit an old place that has a lot of meaning in your life!

– Make time for friends.

– Do something new.

– Watch the sunrise.

– Now watch it set.

– Watch your favorite, feel good movie!

– Put on some music and just dance.

– Meet a good friend for coffee and conversations.

– Eat ice cream, or dessert in general.

– Have a bubble bath!!!

– And above all, be grateful for the wonderful life you have been blessed with.


~ Tips on how to stay refreshed this summer!!

Tuesday, June 20th 2017 is the 1st day of summer this year, even though Houston’s temperatures have been soaring high already! In all honesty, it’s still not that bad and often there is a nice cool breeze cooling things down. We’ve also been having way more rain than usual!

So with summer just around the corner, I thought of sharing some tips that help me keep refreshed during the brutal summer months here in Houston, for these tips, read on:

Drink up!!

Chilled water is my go-to choice during the summer, but it doesn’t have to be boring!! Spice it up with lemon wedges and mint leaves or for something different, here’s my ~ Detox Water… post that shares some yummy recipes to make your regular water interesting. I always carry a bottle of water with me when I am out and about to stay hydrated at all times, and I suggest you do too!!

My recent find at the grocery store (maybe I am late to this party) is Sparkling Flavored Water!! I’ve tried the Strawberry flavor as well as the Key Lime and they are both very refreshing especially for someone like me who does not drink alcohol and also tries to stay clear of soda.

Choose the right fabric to wear!!

Read cutesy dresses, flowy tops, shorts, skirts! Light flowy fabrics in cute prints and pastel shades is what my summer wardrobe is made of as comfort is key! The more breathable the fabric, the better.

I am loving the latest collection at Old Navy, Gap and even Ann Taylor / Loft has been a wonderful surprise since their clothes aren’t only constrained to work attire now! I’ll be doing another post soon on where I shop, so stay tuned!

Don’t forget your workout:

Being an outdoorsy person, preferring to work outdoors over the gym, this heat can challenge my dedication but I don’t give in. I take either early morning or late evening walks, sometimes both, because it’s the best time of the day to be outdoors during the summer. The fresh air is a welcome change!

On the weekends and usually once over the weekday, the hubby and I make our way to the pool for a refreshing dip. The water is still a tad bit cold for my liking, but it’s surely refreshing!! We are water babies and the swimming pool, a lake, the ocean are always calling our name. We often make our swim trips into BBQ dinners as well, and here are my recipes on what we BBQ: ~ Paneer Tikka! and ~ Chicken Tikka / Tandoori Chicken!!.

Eating the right fruits:

Tropical fruits are my go-tos during the summer! Even though now days all fruits are always available all year round, my summer favorites are Mangos, Watermelons, Strawberries, Bananas, Oranges and Apples.

Smoothies is also a good way to go, and here’s some recipes that you could try: ~ Smoothies!!

Get the right haircut / hairstyle:

Before the start of summer 2016, I colored my hair and also got a new hairstyle. This summer, I am due for a haircut, but I am definitely not chopping my hair off or coloring it! Instead just going for a trim and maybe some bangs.

If you are into coloring your hair, you’ll find these posts helpful: ~ Hair Coloring 101… and ~ Hair Conditioning 101….

Being a comfort chic, I usually throw my hair up in a bun and it’s not so sexy! LOL!! Currently pinteresting cute ways to throw my hair up in a bun, for more on what I find, follow me on Pinterest: Niti Shrivastava Shukla.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post and are all set to be refreshed and enjoy this summer!!