~ 2016: My year in review!!

2016 has been a year of changes all right, but all for the better is how I see it.

Since my H1B expired earlier this year and I am not working as for now, I have been able to make time for things I have always wanted to do – like become healthier, start a blog, have more time for myself, the hubby, our families and my hobbies.

We’ve started leading healthier lifestyles and even though it’s a work in progress, it definitely feels good to be on the right track.

This blog has been my dream in the making for so many years and I was finally able to start it, thanks to having more time on my hands. I wanted to thank you all for reading and following along and promise to bring you content y’all will love and enjoy, so stay tuned for more exciting blog posts coming your way in 2017!!

Talking about this blog, these were the most popular posts of 2016:

– ~ How to Make More Time for Reading Books…

– ~ Paneer Kathi Roll…

– ~ Paneer Tikka!

– ~ Face Products I swear by…

– ~ Island Style – 1

And some of my personal favorites:

– ~A Greek Affair!!

– ~ Viva Las Vegas!!

– ~ Date Night Dresses…

– ~ How to relax after a long day…

– ~ Patio Maintenance!!

Overall, 2016 was a very heart warming year, with time well spent with family and friends, so with a content heart, we bid farewell to 2016. 

Thank you for being a wonderful year 2016, and 2017, bring it on, we are ready 😃

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