~ Island Style – 1

The hubby and I love beach vacations!! We enjoy the laid back and relaxed lifestyle mixed in with exploring new places, and our recent trip to Puerto Rico last Thanksgiving was just that.

I’ll be sharing our itinerary in a separate post but in the meantime, wanted to share details on the island looks I put together for the trip. Here my looks are just in line with the chill and informal attitude of the island.


I like to carry large beach bags, preferably with a zip. They need to be durable and of washable materials like nylon or cotton, so you can get multiple uses out of them since they will be exposed to sand. They should also be water proof since they are bound to get wet by the pool or at the beach. The bag should preferably open wide and have a flat bottom so you can use it to its maximum capacity while dumping all your stuff in it. As far as my purse is concerned, I leave behind my big totes and carry a sling/cross-body with me since it’s simple and easy to wear for a night out or sightseeing, and fits easily inside my big beach bag. In the pictures above, my black beach bag is from Hawaii and the beige one from Bahamas.

Here are a couple of links for some cute beach bags:



My cross body bag is from Kate Spade and you can find a similar one here:


Most of my cover-ups and beach dresses have been acquired on my previous trips to South Beach Miami, Antigua and Barbuda, Hawaii and Bahamas. I like mine to be fun yet chic. While in the pictures above, I am wearing mostly sarongs/wrap-arounds and maxi dresses, I do have some Kaftan dresses and they look cute too!  You could also throw on a skirt or shorts and a top. The shrugs make the maxi dresses look more formal hence fit to wear for the evenings. I am linking some similar options below:



The shrugs are from JC Penny – here is a link for similar items:


The swim suits are from Walmart – here is a link for similar items:


The skirt is from Target and the top from Loft – here are links for similar items:



I kept my jewelry to a minimum and definitely skipped wearing my expensive jewelry like my engagement ring etc. because I do not want to lose it at the pool or the beach, and I am definitely not comfortable leaving it in the room while we are out and about. Just a personal opinion.

Flip Flops are either from Aeropostale or American Eagle. Aeropostale usually has some crazy sales on their flip-flops and they have super cute variety too!

While I prefer shopping in stores, here are links you could use to find some cute flip-flops:



So in a nutshell, when traveling to an island, casual clothes in lightweight natural fabrics like cotton, silk and linen work best. The weather is usually warm and sunny but can sometimes get unbearably hot so the key is to choose breathable clothes while still looking put together and sassy. Lightweight material clothes are quick drying, which is always a plus on beaches. While cover-ups work during the day, most resorts and restaurants prefer something more formal for the evenings (like my skirt and top ensemble or the dress with the shrug), so don’t forget to pack some. As I mentioned earlier, leave the expensive jewelry at home since you do not want to lose it.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I look forward to hearing from you, please use the comments section below to chit-chat!!

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