~ How to relax after a long day…

Many of us work for a living or attend school. While it’s good to be driven, we often forget to focus on ourselves. Workdays are usually busy with meetings, client visits and presentations, all while still having to write big fat reports and meet deadlines. Needless to say that by the evening we are ready to go home, unwind and relax.

Even those of us who are home-makers have a busy day and usually follow a routine with almost no or very little downtime. Getting bogged down by our various responsibilities, we often forget to pay attention to our body that needs relaxation before it runs out of fuel.

Here are some tips for relaxation that help me rejuvenate and I hope some, if not all help you out as well:

– Take a breather break: Being the lady of the house, our work is actually never-ending! From having to cook and clean, to doing laundry, getting the house in order and for those of you with kids, you even have to make sure their homework is done, projects ready, feed them, bathe them etc. etc. The list is really never ending! So I suggest taking breaks often just to sit down for a couple of minutes, drink water, and take a couple of deep breaths before jumping back to the tasks on hand.

– Spend quality time with your loved ones: Take your kids to ride their bikes, your pets for a walk or just spend some time with them, their innocent love will make you happy!! Spend some time with your spouse talking about not only how your and their day was, but also about some other things in general – movies you want to watch, games you would like to play, places you want to travel to. Conversations should not be restricted to work! I, for example, love to cook. For me cooking is de-stressing and I enjoy being the boss in the kitchen. Once the hubby gets home, we catch up on how our day has been and spend time talking about various things. We often also play board games, watch shows or movies all while getting to spend time together.

– Coloring Books: The recent craze of coloring books is no joke! I myself have been pulled into the world of coloring books. On her last visit, my sister re-introduced me to the activity we loved as kids, coloring! I enjoy focusing all my energy in something as simple yet critical as not getting any of the color outside the lines! Haha! Below are some of the recent coloring adventures of mine. Some with color pencils and others with markers, you can use whatever tickles your fancy. I got my coloring book from Sam’s club, but nowadays you can literally find them all over the place. You can even print out some free ones from the net. Go ahead, give it a try, it indeed is very relaxing!

Relax coloring 1

relax coloring 2

relax coloring 3

– Spend some time outdoors: Go for a walk, or a swim, or just sit out in the patio sipping on your beverage of choice and catching up on social media. Thanks to daylight savings, take advantage of the longer days. I guarantee you that going outdoors will boost your mood and really relax you. By swimming or walking you also get your workout in! It’s a win-win if you ask me.

– Reading: For about a year and a half now, I have been sucked into the world of reading!! I enjoy some downtime every evening, sitting on the patio swing or by the pool with a large cup of water engrossed in reading. Also, I have made it a habit to spend some time reading before bed. It makes it easier for me to fall asleep. But let me warn you, ensure you set a bedtime because sometimes the books can get so interesting that one looses track of time! It has happened with me many times!! LOL!

– Invest in some good quality products – body and bath products as well as candles: There is nothing like taking a warm shower at the end of a busy day with some heavenly smelling bath products and slathering up the body cream that promises to relax you. Once done, don’t forget to burn that candle (or maybe even while showering) and just curl up on the couch or your bed to unwind and relax.

I swear by Bath and Body Work’s Aroma Therapy products. Their body lotion, massage oils, body wash, bath soaks and salts smell heavenly. You can find many options using the links below:


They always have very tempting deals online and at stores so make sure you take full advantage of them and stock up!

Today (April 19 2016) for example, they have the following deal online:


Dr. Teal’s is another good brand with some amazing, relaxing products, available at many of your local grocery stores.


Body Shop also has some good options available, follow the link below:


My favorites from Bath and Body Works are the Stress Relief (Eucalyptus Spearmint) and Sleep (Lavender Chamomile) aromas. I also love the Relax & Relief aroma products from Dr. Teal’s.

tryI would love to hear which are your favorite products and aromas?!

Hope these tips were helpful. Basically whatever you do, do not forget to find some time for yourself to relax, renew and refresh before bed. This helps revive your body, getting it ready for the next day!!


5 thoughts on “~ How to relax after a long day…

  1. Good article, Niti. I feel it is so easy for us to forget ourselves in the process of our daily chores. As a new mom, I have a resolution for myself to “make myself a priority” – you have shared some great ideas and some of them I do follow. However, coloring is something that was a total surprise for me and I will be trying that soon. Good work on the blog and thanks for sharing a glimpse in your life 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey! Congratulations on your baby!! I totally agree that you need to give yourself priority especially after becoming a mother 🙂 Glad to hear you make time to do some of things on my list, a little bit of “me” time goes a long way! And yes, coloring, believe it or not, is super relaxing, do try it out and let me know how it worked out for you! Happy Relaxing!!


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