~ Paneer Kathi Roll…

Heya! Hope y’all are having a good week, and I am sure you are counting down to the weekend, I know I am too!! This weekend’s going to be fun – we are going for the Dream Team Concert (http://dreamteamconcert.com/) on Friday and then have a dear friend’s baby shower to attend and other than that meeting up with some friends and a whole lot of unpacking needs to be done!!

In today’s post I am sharing a recipe which is yummy and quick! There are many websites out there with recipes on how to make Paneer Kathi Roll, but here, today, I am sharing my take on it.


Making Paneer Kathi Rolls comprises of mainly a few steps:

1) To make the Paneer Tikka filling, follow directions on my post: ~ Paneer Tikka!

2) For the roll, you can make home-made Maida (all purpose flour) parathas, or actually use frozen Malaysian Paratha (I like the Kawan brand) as it tastes even yummier! You can use whole wheat flour (atta) to make healthy wraps.

3) Once ready to serve, put Green coriander/cilantro chutney on the paratha, sliced and sauteed (optional) onions and bell peppers and place the paneer on it, fold from both sides as shown in the pic above and put a toothpick through it, to keep the filling in place. You can also wrap it in aluminium foil and cut diagonally. Serve hot with chutney and ketchup, enjoy!!

Ooooo… Just writing this post makes my mouth water!! I think this is what is for dinner tonight, make sure to try it out and lemme know how you liked it 🙂

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