~ Cruise to Bahamas…

Howdy folks?! Hope your weekend was relaxing and fun. Houston was rainy all weekend long and our weekend was spent indoors, cuddled up relaxing and having fun watching movies. We did a movie marathon, where we watched 5 movies!! Yup! 5 movies in 2 days! LOL!! We love watching movies and definitely are movie buffs! This weekend we watched: Dishoom, Rustom, Bad Moms, Point Break and Mohenjo Daro. We also started a new Netflix show “Stranger Things” and are loving it! Infact, I can’t wait for the hubby to get back home from work so we can get back to binge watching the show 😉 LOL!!

So, coming back to today’s post, I am talking about our cruise to Bahamas… For the Thanksgiving long weekend in 2014, we boarded a Carnival cruise from Miami, with our destination being Bahamas! We love cruises, and have been on a couple, with the next one we want to take being the one to Alaska 🙂 One day!! When we have all our ducks in a row in terms of visa and other legalities taken care of 😉

I am working on a post talking about the pros and cons of going on a cruise, but till then enjoy this post 🙂 as today I am sharing details from our trip to Bahamas aka paradise, so without further ado:

Trip Itinerary:

We sailed Carnival Ecstasy.


It was a 3 Day Bahamas Cruise, with the following plan:

Friday: Departed Miami at 4pm

Saturday: Docked at Bahamas at 10am

Sunday: Departed Bahamas at 7am, the rest of the day was fun day at sea!

Monday: Arrived back at Miami Port at 8am

For non-US Citizens, a visa to Bahamas is required and we applied for it way in advance to ensure we had enough time for our visa to arrive well in time for our trip. Keep in mind that you need a valid US Visa stamped on your passport to be able to come back to the US.

Trip Details:

Since this was during the thanksgiving weekend, we flew out from Houston Thursday morning and spent the day in Miami. Miami is one of our favorite beach cities to visit and we have been there 5 times, so this trip was not for sight-seeing but instead we spent Thursday chilling on the beach, relaxing and getting ready for our upcoming cruise. I’ll share more details on Miami in another blog post. We checked out of the hotel on Friday morning and head to the cruise terminal after lunch. If you guys take cruises often, you know how long the whole process of embarking the ship takes!

Once we were on-board the ship, we headed straight to the Lido Deck to grab our free welcome drinks and take a dip in the pool while it was still empty (as everyone is busy settling themselves into their rooms). Once we were done swimming, we headed over to the Promenade deck to grab a quick bite and then to the Verandah to have a clear view of the city as the ship sailed out the dock! I love this part!! I never miss a chance to wave out to the crowd on the shore/port when the ship is pulling out of the dock and sailing away! To me it feels like you are sailing away from all your worries and for the next few days it’s nothing but relaxing times ahead!

For those of you who are not familiar with the deck plans, here is an image I found on the Carnival website, so I am sharing Carnival Ecstasy Deck Plans in more detail, below:



Once the ship sailed away, the shows started!! We went to the auditorium for a welcome show, which was really entertaining! They even talked about Bahamas and what to expect once we docked there. After the information session, we stayed back for Bingo afterwards. One thing we absolutely love about cruises is the casinos on-board and needless to say that’s where we spent most of Friday night before heading to bed.

We woke up bright and early on Saturday to make most of our day on shore. As the ship was pulling in, the beautiful sight of the landmark of Bahamas, Atlantis, welcomed us, beaming on the bright sunny day with palm trees swaying in the breeze!

We made sure to be the first couple of folks in the lines to disembark so we wasted no time and were able to make the most of our time in Bahamas. Once the passports were checked for Bahamas visas, and other legalities done, we made our way to the port. We were now officially in Bahamas!!! Say what!!! Yay!!!

We had booked our excursion (Day in Atlantis) beforehand via the Carnival website, so once we were off the ship, we boarded a bus to take us to Atlantis. The resort was breathtaking! It covers a vast area and most of our day was spent on the premises enjoying the thrilling water park, the spectacular beach, dolphin cay, marine habitat and the splendid interiors of the resort with so many photo-ops!

We went on all the rides and spent a good part of the day riding water slides like the Mayan Temple Shark Lagoon, The Leap of Faith, Challenger Slide, Serpent Slide, The Surge and The Drop! We also checked out The Current tube river ride. Once we were done to our heart’s content, we head to the beach to chill for a while – drink coconut water and be beach bums. After witnessing a breathtaking sunset at the beach, we went to the resort early evening, changed and went about exploring the beautiful interiors to this gorgeous resort.

Once done checking out the resort and after grabbing a bite to eat at the resort, we head back to the port and checked out the shops selling local artifacts. I also got my hair braided!! We literary shopped till the market closed for the night!! Once done shopping for souvenirs and gifts, we had to decide between going partying at the resort, or back to the ship. We chose to go back to the ship coz we were pooped after an entire day of fun in the sun! Once we finished the immigration formalities we boarded the ship and head straight to the hot tubs! Once again since most of the people were resting in their rooms after a long day on shore so we got the hot tub all to ourselves! It was quite refreshing.

The next morning we woke up bright and early to view the breathtaking sunrise over Bahamas and also see the ship leaving the port. While waving bye-bye to Bahamas, we decided we surely have to go back and experience more of this paradise.

The rest of the day (Sunday) was at sea, so not only did we chill and relax while enjoying various shows on-board, I also attended a class where we were taught to make animals out of towels, it was really cute! I was looking forward to this class since I was in love with the super cute towel animals that were placed on our beds everyday! We then had a Thanksgiving party on-board which was lots of dancing and making new friends. Just like that we docked in Miami the next morning and our trip to paradise came to an end! Since our flight out wasn’t till Tuesday morning, we chilled and enjoyed Miami for rest of Monday.

If you are wondering why I haven’t mentioned food yet, it’s because on a cruise, stuffing your face with the yummy food is a given!! There are 24 hours of stuffing your face opportunities available and hence the food does not need a special mention. There are a lot of options for vegetarians as well.

Now for some photos!!









If you are wondering whether going on a cruise is your cup of tea or not, I would say it’s definitely worth a shot 🙂 It’s a great experience and you should definitely go on 1 cruise and then decide whether you like it or not. For those of you who get sea-sick/motion-sick, take the medicine beforehand and you’ll be just fine.

These pix make me want to board a cruise ship and sail away!! I am sure you are feeling the same, so why wait… Go ahead and book yourself a getaway to Paradise, trust me you’ll love every bit of it 🙂

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