~ Cruising Tips & Tricks!!

We’ve taken 2 cruises in the past, one to Mexico and the other to Bahamas (~ Cruise to Bahamas…) and absolutely love taking cruises to destinations like these since a cruise is your boarding, lodging and transportation, all in one!

Today, I am sharing some cruising tips and tricks that we’ve learned over the years:

– Sometimes the cruise cabins have limited electrical outlets – so bring an extension cord or a power strip.

– Even though hair dryers are available, those picky about your hair-dryers, bring your own.

– Hand sanitizer is an absolute must, especially after touching the hand rails!!

– Bring a re-usable water bottle and fill them up from the various beverage dispensers, this will save you a lot of money by not having to buy water.

– Make copies of your passport, credit cards (do not forget the back, as the 1800# is on the back) and driving license, so in case something gets lost, you have backup. But keep these either in the safe provided in your room, or locked away in your suitcase.

– Do not forget your backpacks and baggies as they will come in handy to carry dry clothes, cameras etc. while you are out and about adventuring!!

– Bring a couple of grocery bags which are great for packing wet bathing suits or clothing to bring back home as well as cushioning those fragile souvenirs you’ll be buying.

– Definitely pack your swim wear and flip flops in your carry-on. Sometimes the bags do not make to the rooms before dinner, and you do not want to loose anytime away from taking a dip in the pool or the hot tub!

Apart from these, definitely read the guidelines of your cruise ship for things to know / their recommended things to bring.

So do you have any cruising plans for 2017?! I’d love to hear!!

3 thoughts on “~ Cruising Tips & Tricks!!

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