~ Things a woman wants from her man…

Being in love is one the best feelings ever and being pampered by the one we love is splendid indeed! Happy couples are like 2 pieces of a puzzle that fit snugly together.

puzzle conection

Men often complain that we women are confusing and it’s hard to understand what we really want. We may say one thing but really mean the opposite. For eg: after a fight, we’ll say leave us alone, but instead we want our man to stay by our side, pacify us, and kiss and make up! It’s true, us women can be confusing and give mixed signals.

So, let me make all you guy’s lives simple today… Coz in this post, I am sharing 20 things a woman wants from her man (in no particular order), in my opinion that is:

  1. Just coz flowers
  2. A candle light dinner on birthday and anniversary
  3. Make amends after a fight
  4. Make us smile whenever we are upset
  5. Stand by our side in difficult times
  6. Surprise us by coming home early once in a while
  7. Pay attention to us when we are talking
  8. Listen to our gossip
  9. Help us in cooking, sometimes by making it easy for us to decide what to cook
  10. Take us shopping
  11. Long walks with long talks
  12. Pamper us like a kid
  13. Reply back to our messages even if you are busy
  14. Give her a kid free day
  15. Take time out to be a family
  16. Accept her the way she is
  17. Ask for her help
  18. Make her your priority
  19. Encourage her to be independent
  20. Always support her!


So girls, show this post to your men. And you guys, what are you waiting for?? Go make your girl feel special 🙂 Smile and be happy!

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