~ Fall/Winter Bucket List Update!!

And just that like… look who is here… Spring!! Yay!! I am excited for pleasant weather and longer sunshine hours 🙂

Today, I am sharing an update to my Fall/Winter bucket list that you can view here: ~ Fall/Winter Bucket List!!

So here’s my update:

– Visit a Pumpkin Patch:

Done deal!!

– Attend a Fall Festival:

Texas Renaissance Festival!!

The Lights Festival!!

– Attend a Winter Festival:

Christmas Lights around town!!

– Go see Fall Colors:

On our trip to the West Coast, this was in Reno, Nevada.

– Take a walk on a Foggy Morning:

Done on many occasions thanks to foggy Houston mornings this winter!!

– Try new Scented Candles:

Loved Bath and Body Work’s Flannel, Bergamot and Suede, Sweater Weather candles!!

– Bonfire Night / Blanket Cuddles under the stars:

Thanks to the Houston weather this winter, we got ample of cuddles under the stars / bonefire night. I wanted to keep these personal hence no pix!

– Make S’mores:

Nope. Didn’t do it. I don’t know why but wasn’t in the mood for it.

– Ice Skating (carried over from my Summer Bucket List):

Done in Lake Tahoe!! A recap of our trip to South Lake Tahoe – ~ West Coast: South Lake Tahoe…

– Drive-In Movie Theater (carried over from my Summer Bucket List):

I think I shouldn’t even try this anymore, looks like it isn’t gonna happen! And the reason for that is coz we being such movie buffs, we usually watch our movies 1st weekend they are out and hence whatever has been playing in this theater has already been checked out of our list already!

– Donate Toys:

Didn’t get to doing this, this past Christmas, but definitely plan to do it soon though – wanaa donate it to an Orphanage.

– Make a Pine Cone Wreath:

Nope, was too lazy! Didn’t make this.

– Go Stargazing on a clear night:

Moving this to our summer bucket list coz nights were either cloudy or super cold and we didn’t get it doing this.

– Try a new Hot Chocolate recipe:

Yesssss!!! Will be sharing the recipe in a separate post, so stay tuned!!

– Go someplace Snowy!!

Yesssss!!!! Lake Tahoe! View the entire post here: ~ West Coast: South Lake Tahoe…

– Try 5 new restaurants around Houston:

We’ve been eating more at home and less outside and hence only got to checking off 3 restaurants of this list. Check them out below:

👆🏼 This one was horrible!!! Please do not go! I still have to find a good place to have dumplings… Maybe my South Asian Houston friends will come to my rescue!

👆🏼 This one was super yummy!!! Definitely try it out. Everything on the menu was mouthwatering!!

👆🏼 This one was yucky too. Sorry didn’t enjoy it much so just being honest.

So this Spring/Summer I am not making any list coz I just wanaa live it up impromptu. But in case you were interested in what was on my bucket list last year, check it out here: ~ Summer 2016: Bucket List! And I also posted an update here: ~ Summer Bucket List Update!!

Alrighty all you wonderful people, hope ur having a wonderful Monday and are all ready to enjoy the spring weather coming to town!!! As for me, this marks the patio weather and I am super happy!! Cheers! Happy First Day of Spring Y’all 🌻🌳☀️🌸

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