~ Summer 2016: Bucket List!

Every summer I come up with a Summer Bucket List – namely a list of things the hubby and I want to do over the summer while having some fun in the sun… There are things that we haven’t done before and many that we have done before and enjoyed doing them enough to repeat! This year in no different, except for the fact that I get to share my list with you!

If the hubby and I do not plan the summer in advance I feel like it creeps up on us and gets over way too quick and we haven’t swam enough, seen enough or experienced enough! So here’s our list, in no particular order:

– Swim and grill more often: The hubby and I love anything to do with water. Every year though, we feel like we didn’t do enough of swimming in the summer! So this year we plan to go swimming more often during the week (the day I have to wash my hair = go swim!) and will grill atleast once a month! It’s yummy and healthy.

– Read and relax more often by the pool: I do this pretty often, but would like to do it more! The joy of reading, and listening to the gently flowing water in the fountain by our community pool, is simply amazing.

– Go Paragliding: Hubby and I have been talking about this one for some time now, but I keep on chickening out, maybe this summer I will be brave enough?! We’ll wait and watch.

– Drive-in Movie: Been wanting to do this for a while now!

– Movie night and dinner on the patio with the hubby.

– Visit a new beach: In the running we have: Surfside Beach, Corpus Christi, Pensacola and Destin (thanks to visa issues, we can’t travel out of the country or else my top 3 choices would be Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Punta Cana – now I am in my dream world just thinking about these places…thanks!)

– Visit a new place: With the many long weekends that fall during the summer, there is ample opportunity to check this one off our list!!

– Road trip: Like every summer, we are surely going to be heading out to some place fun, still deciding where though! Stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts on road trips around Houston and if you haven’t already, do check out my post on getting Road Trip ready!

– Picnic outside: With the Houston summer being brutal, we usually end up spending the days indoors, but this time I want to go someplace nice and have a little picnic. Maybe by one of the swimming holes in Texas Hill Country 🙂

– Spend a day at the lake boating and grilling and just having some fun in the sun.

– Go tubing in Texas Hill Country: We’ve done this multiple times before, but it’s our favorite and has been repeated on the summer bucket list year after year!

– Attend a fair: I love me some rides!

– Go bowling and/or to Main Event (http://www.mainevent.com/) for some fun!

– Try out the new water park coming up in Katy, Texas: Typhoon Texas

– Try out the new water roller coaster coming up at Schlitterbahn, Galveston: http://www.schlitterbahn.com/home/galveston-island/massiv-announcement

– Climb a tree: Done just once… Just once in 30 years! I want to do this again! Silly I know, but oh well, what does living seriously achieve in life anyways!

– Run through the sprinkler: Coz why not?

– Ice-Skating: Houston has many indoor ice-skating rinks and this is one of the best ways to beat the heat if you ask me!

– Get a manicure and pedicure at Dripped! Any of my mid-town girls up for this?

– Go for a bike and hike with the hubby at one of the many parks in Houston.

– Make ice-cream or kulfi or maybe both: YES! For sure! Will share the recipe on the blog once done.

– Make homemade popsicles: Have a couple of recipes I found online, once I decide which one I want to try out, will share on the blog.

– Have ice-cream from an ice-cream truck: Like the childhood days!

– Make frozen coffee ice cubes: I think this is so cool! Definitely going to do this!

– Do Nothing for a day: Like literary, do nothing! Nothing at all. In today’s world where the technology doesn’t leave our side, it would be good to just take a day and do absolutely nothing. Look at a tree, listen to a bird, just sit and be in the moment.

Once the summer is done, I will be post an update on how many of these things we were able to check off our list! The aim is to do them all, but we’ll see!

So what’s on your list for this summer?! I would love to hear!!

Summer Bucket List

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