~ Summer Bucket List Update!!

Summer has ended and even Houston’s weather has started feeling like Fall!! While I am working on a Fall Bucket List, coming to the blog soon, today I am sharing an update on my ~ Summer 2016: Bucket List!, listing things we accomplished and things we didn’t get to. This summer was fun and we enjoyed a lot, also it was a busy one since we moved to a bigger apartment and we are absolutely loving the new space!

So without further ado, here’s the update:

– Swim and grill more often: Done often all through the summer!!

– Read and relax more often by the pool: Done often all through the summer!!



– Go Paragliding: Nope, I chickened out!! Haha!

– Drive-in Movie: It was too hot for this during the summer months in Houston, moving this to my Fall Bucket List 🙂

– Movie night and dinner on the patio with the hubby: Once again, summer weather in Houston wasn’t cooperative and hence moving this to my Fall Bucket List 😉

– Visit a new beach: DONE!!! For July 4th we went to Pensacola, Destin and Panama City Beach.


– Visit a new place: DONE!! For July 4th we went to Pensacola, Destin and Panama City Beach.

– Road trip: DONE!! Road trips this summer include Chapell Hill, Austin, Lake Charles, Kinder and a road trip to the beaches in Florida.




– Picnic outside: DONE!! Picnic with friends for Labor Day Long Weekend in Lake Conroe Park as well picnicing with mummy papa on the way to the casinos in Louisiana.

– Spend a day at the lake boating and grilling and just having some fun in the sun: Yes!!! Done and this was super fun!! We went boating in Lake Conroe during the Labor Day Long Weekend 🙂


– Go tubing in Texas Hill Country: There was an alligator spotted in the Guadalupe river by a kayaker hence needless to say, we skipped going tubing this year.

– Attend a fair: DONE!! Attended the Kite Festival in Hermann Park. Also went to the fair in Trader’s Village and another one that came to West Oaks Mall… Woohoo!!


– Go bowling and/or to Main Event: DONE!! This was super fun evening and Papa Mummy enjoyed a lot as well 🙂


– Try out the new water park coming up in Katy, Texas (Typhoon Texas): Skipped

– Try out the new water roller coaster coming up at Schlitterbahn, Galveston: Skipped

– Climb a tree: DONE! Tougher than I thought 😉


– Run through the sprinkler: DONE! Super fun 😉

– Ice-Skating: Didn’t get to this one, gonna put this on my Fall Bucket List.

– Get a manicure and pedicure at Dripped: Didn’t make it to Dripped… Maybe this Fall?!

– Go for a bike and hike with the hubby at one of the many parks in Houston: Done!! Parks visited were: Ray Miller Park, Hermann Park, Terry Hershey, Arthur Storey Park, Westpark Park, Lake Conroe Park and George Bush Park.


– Make ice-cream or kulfi or maybe both: Made Mango Ice Cream and the recipe can be found here ~ Homemade Mango Ice Cream!


– Make homemade popsicles: Skipped!

– Have ice-cream from an ice-cream truck: Yes!!!! This was done in Downtown H-town after attending the Dream Team concert.

– Make frozen coffee ice cubes: Yup! Super fun! A nice twist when added to cold coffee!


– Do Nothing for a day: Yup! Many days 😉 especially after moving to the new apartment and settling it, we were super tired and spent many days doing absolutely nothing! LOL 😉

We spent the summer enjoying and that is what counts in my books, and as for all these things that we didn’t get to, well there are many more summers to get them all done… For now, I am fall ready 🙂

6 thoughts on “~ Summer Bucket List Update!!

  1. Hi! How are you? I saw your amazing blog its so awesome! That’s why I followed you 😀 Wow! I hope to read more of your post. I hope we could be friends also. 😀 Nice meeting you.


  2. Really wonderful..lovely write up.. i would like to nominate you for the “The Black cat , Blue sea Award”for bloggers..feel free to check my recent post for the same..


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