~ Fall/Winter Bucket List!!

And just that like… look who is here… Fall!!! Fall is already here peeps!!! Say what?! It’s like this year is flying by!

Today, I am sharing my Fall/Winter bucket list. I am calling this my Fall/Winter list coz in Houston, Fall and Winter are one and the same, with the only difference being less hot on some days than others! Haha!

So here’s my list:

– Visit a Pumpkin Patch

– Attend a Fall Festival

– Attend a Winter Festival

– Go see Fall Colors

– Take a walk on a Foggy Morning

– Try new Scented Candles

– Bonfire Night / Blanket Cuddles under the stars

– Make S’mores

– Ice Skating (carried over from my Summer Bucket List)

– Drive-In Movie Theater (carried over from my Summer Bucket List)

– Donate Toys

– Make a Pine Cone Wreath

– Go Stargazing on a clear night

– Try a new Hot Chocolate recipe

– Go someplace Snowy!!

– Try 5 new restaurants around Houston

Hope ur having a happy Monday and that you had a wonderful weekend… Ours was mostly low key, getting back into routine since my parents flew back home after being with us for a month!! It was so much fun and now the house is all empty, me no like! 😦 Anyways, this is life! Right?! We gotta move on and look forward to the next time we’ll all be together again, hopefully soon!

So temme, what’s on your Fall/Winter bucket list?!

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