~ How to take care of your Diamond Ring…

Your diamond ring is a symbol of love, treasured for life, precious and enduring as well as beautiful and valuable.

The care and cleaning of your diamond ring is important for their long life as your rings are valuable in sentiment and investment as well as beautiful jewellery items.

Today I am sharing with you some tips and tricks on how to take care of diamond rings responsibly –


Always pick up your diamond ring (or any gemstone ring) by its band, not by the stone or setting. Not only will this prevent natural oils from your hands to build up around the stone’s setting, but it will help to keep the diamond secure in its setting over time.


Platinum and white gold rings are the safest bet as they won’t tarnish, but they may be scratched over time, creating a display of age and wear. While some people like the sheen of age created by these minute scratches, if you are more into a sparkling band, a quick polish can repair a ring back to its original appearance if desired. 

Gold is softer than platinum and therefore easier to repair. The polishing of rings is generally an inexpensive and minor jewellery service and can be done at your local jewelry store. Scratches can be removed by a specialist jeweller without problems.


Diamonds are famously hard, so while they are hardy in ordinary wear, they can scratch other jewellery. Storing diamond rings away from other jewellery, for example in a soft fabric pouch or jewellery box, can protect your ring as well as other jewellery items.


Over the course of the day there are many opportunities for getting your ring dirty. Substances likely to accumulate on and around your diamond ring setting – including but not restricted to shampoo, sunscreen, make-up, flour, dust, soap residue and hairspray. 

So in my opinion, taking off your ring before you work with greasy or dirty substances or embark on cleaning or lifting and carrying, will ensure that your ring stays looking clean for longer. But don’t forget to put in a safe place!!


Many women wear diamond rings throughout everyday life without giving their jewellery much consideration. Common chemicals used around the house, such as hairspray and furniture polish, have the potential to cause lasting damage to your ring. 

Chlorine is a definite no-no and you should not only remove diamond rings before you use bleach, or hairdye, but ensure you wear protective gloves and wash your hands thoroughly before you put your ring back on your finger to protect your hands and jewellery.


Although diamonds are one of the hardest substances known to man, they are also a naturally occuring material, formed in crystals, so it is a myth that they are immune to chipping and scratching. 

It is vital that you take great care when doing heavy lifting or manual work, because while you may scratch other items, you may also chip your diamond ring or loosen your ring’s setting.


If you simply want to give your diamond ring a quick home clean, the best thing to do is to soak the ring in a bowl that contains four parts warm water and one part soap/shampoo/detergent for no more than ten minutes. 

Brush the ring very gently with a very soft brush, dip it back into the solution, rinse and leave it to drain on some tissue paper. 

Paper tissues can leave fibres and dust on the ring and are therefore less suitable for rubbing your ring dry, rather use jewellery cloths or other lint-free fabrics.  

Alternatively, you could use a hair dryer on a low setting from an appropriate distance to air dry your engagement ring and avoid water spots.

Expert check-up:

Even the most secure diamond settings may loosen over time, particularly if extensively worn. It is important to have your diamond ring checked for any manufacturing defects, warped prongs and other problems that could make the setting of your diamond less secure. A specialist diamond jeweller will give your diamond ring an expert check and clean at the same time and return it to you looking like new. Do this atleast once every 6 months.

I hope these tips will be helpful for you to keep your diamond ring looking wonderful for many, many years. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!!

One thought on “~ How to take care of your Diamond Ring…

  1. Nice, article. Yes completely agree on not wearing the rings when working with detergent or chemicals. I have also seen that not wearing rings while cooking and cleaning dishes is crucial to the sparkle in your ring.

    If there is a lot of dust/scum attached to the underside of the ring, it may reduce the spark in the diamond. Thus It is very important as you a mentioned to soak the ring in warm water and mild soap, you can also slightly clean it with a toothbrush as it will make it look like a brand new ring. Thanks for this write up.


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