~ Board Games: Part 2!!

~ Board Games: Part 1! was published a long time back and it was time I updated my list and what better time than during Quarantine time to do it! LOL!! Most of these are avalaible at your local stores like Walmart, Target or Kohls and even online like Amazon.

With the exception of Desi Chaat – which is avalaible here: Culturally Inclined and since after buying the game, I have become very good friends with the Priya Shah who is the creator of the game and she has given my readers an exclusive discount code for $5 off when you buy the game – here’s the code – raindropstosunshinetake5 and this code is valid for the next two weeks, so basically till the end of May, so hurry up!!

Games we’ve been enjoying lately, in no particular order:

Lanterns: This is quick game, lasting about half an hour. 2-4 players can play, and it’s even easy enough for the kids to learn!

Desi Chaat: Think Desi version of Taboo!! It’s one of those that will transform your desi parties to the most happening on the block without the need for Karoke or Nagin Dance! LOL!! it will bring all generations together and get them on a laughing riot like no other!!

Poker: 5 card poker or 3 card poker, when real money is involved, it makes it even more fun! We play all sorts of variation – and have a running tab of winnings and loosings! Haha!

Ticket to Ride: Hands down one of favorites of all times! And one that is almost always laid out on the kitchen island, for us to play in the evenings!! A strategic game, easy enough to challenge the yound minds too!

Jenga: This is is sometimes boring for us, but always super fun for LilMissK to play! It teaches them the art of balancing and helps refine motor skills. For us adults, I think the big outdoor size would have been more fun… Oh well!

That’s all for now. I will work on another post as and when we play new games, because that’s one hobby of mine – trying out and playing new games!

What are your favorite games?! I’d love to hear!!

Until next time, stay entertained!


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