~ Quick Fix: Cheesy Veggie Bites: 2 Ways!!

There is something about cheese, it’s always such a yummy treat, no matter what form you have it in… And that’s what makes these otherwise simple, veggie laden, bread piece so yummtastic – all the melted bubbly cheese on top!

During this quarantine and chill period, one has to keep on constantly thinking about what next – not only in terms of the “number” of cases etc. but also in terms of what’s on the menu! Haha!! With everyone being home, it can be challenging to ensure everyone is happy when it comes to what’s on the menu! Which is why, today’s cheesy veggie bites, comes in 2 ways – one that appeals to the younger crowd with Pasta sauce as the base and one that keeps the adults happy too with Dhaniya ki Chutney as it’s base, so read along!


– Regular white bread slices, with their sides taken off, as many as desired, my measurements make 10 bread slices. Or if you can get your hands on some French baguette, nothing like it! That’s what I have used here.

– 1 Onion small – cut in thin small slices

– 1 Bell Pepper small – cut in thin small slices

– Handful of corn kernels

– Mozzarella Cheese as per preference

– Seasoning: Italian Seasoning, Salt, Pepper and Red Chilly Flakes!! You can also use basil, oregano etc. separately if you don’t have Italian seasoning or even skip entirely and just do salt, pepper and red chilly flakes!!

– Pasta Sauce: Any red version is good, I used Bertolli’s Rustic Marinara

– Dhaniya ki Chutney / Cilantro Chutney


– Preheat oven to 350F.

– Cut the onions and bell peppers, and if using frozen corn kernels, soak them in warm water to get them soft.

– Cover the baking tray with aluminum foil and spray cooking oil. Line the bread slices on the baking tray, keeping a little bit of distance between the pieces so as the melted cheese from one doesn’t stick to another.

– Now based on how many of each you want to make – spread some marinara sauce and some dhaniya ki chutney on the bread. Spread evenly and do not keep it a thick layer else the bread will get soggy.

– Put the veggies: onions, bell peppers, corn and then put cheese on top.

** You can add more veggies like Black Olives, Jalapeños, Mushrooms etc. and also use any cheese you have on had, it’s really a versatile recipe and you can mix and change it as you wish.**

– Sprinkle very little Italian seasoning, very little salt, some pepper and red chilly flakes (if kids are having this, keep the chilly flakes to a minimum or add them later to lessen the spice level) on then to get that perfect seasoning – this really is up to you, because the base sauce is flavorful as is!

– Bake for 7 to 12 minutes based on how well done you like the crust! For me it’s just right at 10 minutes! You can give it a quick broil for 2 minutes on high to brown that cheese up!!

Enjoy this yummy recipe!! Do let me know how you liked it, I would love to hear 🙂 Cheers!!

Until next time, stay hungry!

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