~ Hair Care!!

Since we are in Quarantine now days and you have no excuse to not try these tricks, and me none to not share them, here’s my blog post with hair care things that I am still doing pretty religiously!

I am forever trying new products (shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioning treatments, leave in conditioners etc.) and have found some products I love, which I will share in a latter post, but apart from the products you put in your hair, how you take care of it otherwise is very important as well. In this post I am sharing some tips on hair care, so read on:

– Hot Oil / Oil Massages / Deep Conditioning treatments are ultra-important. Try to do it once a week, if not possible to do it that often, then definitely once in 2 weeks. This post of mine should be helpful: ~ Hair Conditioning 101…

– If you follow me on Insta (@nshrivas) which you really should be doing already, LOL, I have an IGTV Video on the oils that I love using. Check it out!

– Brush & detangle your hair before shampooing and conditioning so that the product reaches all areas of your hair and run your fingers through the hair when you apply conditioner and are washing it off, it helps even distribution of the product and also detangling. Only condition your hair from the mid-shaft down to the tips of your hair (never the roots) and leave in it alteast for a minute before washing it out.

– If you use gadgets, clean them at least once a month to avoid product build up. Actually, this also applies to your comb and hair brush.

– I always let my hair air dry, but this can lead to frizz, so even though my hair is otherwise oily, I use a leave-in-conditioner everyday since it’s your best friend even when air drying! A blow dryer is probably used by me a total of maybe 6-7 times a year! Yup! You read that right!

– Only brush wet hair gently with a wide tooth comb, starting at the ends moving up to the roots.

– Trim / cut your hair often to get rid of the deadends and anyways shorter hair is easier to manage with a kiddo, isn’t it 😉

Hope these helped you Divas out there! What’s your go-to hair care regime?

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