~ Oahu, Hawaii!!

Happy Thursday Peeps!!

As promised in my last week’s travel post ~ West Coast: San Fran!!, you’ll be getting to read more travel posts on my blog now and having shared Maui (~ Maui, Hawaii…) and The Big Island (~ The Big Island of Hawaii…) in earlier posts, I decided it was time to wrap up the Hawaii series and talk about this last gem – Oahu!

We made a day trip to Oahu, landing by the first flight in from Maui and leaving on the last one, but it wasn’t enough and we do regret not having made a longer trip to this picturesque island!!

Since we didn’t make a longer haul, and hence didn’t see everything I am talking about in this post, it would be unfair on my part to estimate how much time you would need to see all and do all on this heavenly  island of Oahu, but I am going to go ahead and take the risk of saying 5-6 days should suffice.

Where to stay:

Any hotel on the Waikiki Beach would be a good choice.

Rental Car:

Definitely rent a car as it’s quite a large island and hence tricky to get around based just on public transportation. There are many usual rental agencies available at the airport and otherwise to rent cars.

Things to see and do:

– Pearl Harbor

If you are a history buff, like my hubby, or even if you are not, this definitely has to be a stop on your itinerary while visiting Oahu. Pearl Harbor Tours provide a number of exciting historic tours to the site of the United States entrance into World War II.

All of the tours take you to Pearl Harbor’s Visitor Center and the USS Arizona Memorial for a time of reflection and remembrance. The tragic attacks of December 7, 1941 shook the island of Oahu, and the United States, forever. The lives lost, and that tragic day are things to remember and honor, always!

– Hālona Blowhole

Hālona Blowhole is a rock formation and a blowhole on the island of Oahu, off of Hanauma Bay at Hālona Point, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In Hawaiian hālona means “lookout”.

On windy days when the tide is high, the ocean breeze sends the waves rolling on to the shore where the rock formation then shoots sea spray high into the air through the cave acting like a geyser, but much different from the ones I talked about in my post about YSNP!!

The blowhole is not always at its best every day though. It is most active when the tide is high and the winds are strong. But this doesn’t stop it from being a big tourist spot in Hawaii. People come from all over to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the beach at the cove, and in the winter it is the spot to go to see the humpback whale as they take their journey leaving the North Pacific or the Honu (The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles) swimming about.

– Hanuma Bay

Hanauma is a marine embayment formed within a tuff ring and located along the southeast coast of the Island of Oahu.

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Island and has suffered somewhat from overuse but it’s still provides super pretty views!!

– Diamond Head State Monument

Diamond Head is the name of a volcanic tuff cone and known to Hawaiians as Lēʻahi, most likely from lae ‘browridge, promontory’ plus ʻahi ‘tuna’ because the shape of the ridgeline resembles the shape of a tuna’s dorsal fin. Its English name was given by British sailors in the 19th century, who mistook calcite crystals on the adjacent beach for diamonds. Hike up for a look at Oahu like no other!!

– Waikiki Beach

The world famous Waikiki Beach – enough said.

– Haiku Stairs / Stairway to Heaven

The Haiku Stairs, also known as the Stairway to Heaven or Haiku Ladder, is a steep hiking trail – but has been permanently closed to public.

– North Shore – Turtle Beach

The north shore is the perfect place to view the giant green sea turtles!!

– Dole Plantation

This historic pineapple plantation, attracts families and boasts a train ride around the plantation as well as the world’s largest maze. We stumbled upon this and honestly enjoyed a lot!!

– Valley of Temples

Valley of the Temples Memorial Park is a memorial park located on the windward (eastern) side of the Oahu at the foot of the Koʻolau mountains, near the town of Kāneʻohe.

Thousands of Buddhist, Shinto, Protestant and Catholic residents of Hawaiʻi are buried in this memorial park. The park features a 1968 replica of the 11th-century Phoenix Hall of the Byodo-In Buddhist temple complex in Uji, Japan. Inside the main part of the temple is a 9 feet Amida Buddha statue sitting on a gold lotus leaf. Also on the grounds are large Catholic statues depicting the Passion of Christ, the Virgin Mary, various Catholic saints, crypts and mausoleums of some of the most influential people in Hawaiʻi.

We missed this, but can’t wait to go back and experience it.

– Feeding Sharks

The hubby did this awesome adventurous activity while we were in Oahu. He dove and feed Sharks!!!! We booked this excursion via our hotel concierge and hence I forget the name of the company we went through, but if you simple Google “Shark Feeding Hawaii” you’ll be able to get lots of information via various websites. Unfortunately we don’t have any pix from this experience!! But it is definitely etched in our memory forever. If you are not into diving and feeding these mighty animals (in other words, if you are like me) you get to ride the boat and view the sharks up close and personal – still definitely worth it!!

Hope you enjoyed this post and are all ready to pack your bags and head to the heavenly islands of Hawaii!!

Until next time, have a great weekend ahead. Ciao!!

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