~ West Coast: Seattle!!

Hey y’all, Happy Monday!! Hope your weekend was fun, ours surely was! My parents are visiting from Kuwait and this weekend we went to the San Jacinto Battleground (saw the Monument and the Battleship), watched the new Hindi movie Pink (which was awesome, surely must watch, but not appropriate for kids) and yesterday we went Casino hopping in Lake Charles, Louisiana – it was a fun day trip and the winnings were an added bonus!!

So coming back to this blog post, today a new series is debuting on the blog – the West Coast series, where I’ll be discussing our various trips on the west coast and I am starting with Seattle.

We visited Seattle in Thanksgiving of 2013 as our 2nd anniversary getaway! Seattle in Thanksgiving was not only cold but very beautiful as well. In my post today, I am sharing things to do, places to stay etc. hoping it will be your one stop shop (apart from Googling “Things to See and Do”, which in my opinion you should always do when visiting a new city) for planning your getaway to Seattle.

Where to stay:

In my opinion, the best part of the city in terms of safety and closeness to things to do is Downtown Seattle. We stayed at the Hilton on 6th Ave and University.

How to get around/Transportation:

Seattle is a well-connected city. The Light Link Rail connects downtown to the airport. The Monorail connects Seattle Center to downtown and cabs are also readily available. But if you want to visit Mount Rainier among other out of way sites like the Microsoft office etc. rent a car.

We mostly used public transportation but rented a car for 1 day when we went to Mount Rainier and the Boeing Facility.

Things to do (in no particular order):

– Mount Rainier: Definitely visit this, but in the winter, only the Nisqually entrance is open. The Longmire entrance is where the museum is located. Paradise (19 miles east of Nisqually Entrance and 12 miles east of the Longmire Entrance) provides tubing opportunities in the winter. Oharapecosh and Sunrise are not accessible in the winter. Carbon & Mowich provide hiking opportunities but no cars are allowed. Definitely stop at the Snoqualmie Falls!

– Seattle Center: This is where the landmark of Seattle the “Space Needle” and the world-famous “Chihuly Garden and Glass” are located. We ate brunch one day in the restaurant on top of the Space Needle and in my opinion it wasn’t good, so just skip that and go to the Observation Deck instead.

– Along the pier: Visit Pier 59 and the aquarium there, the Carousel, Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, Ferris Wheel, Elliot Bay and Olympic Structure Park.

– Pike Place Market: This is an experience like no other! A fish market/farmer’s market like no other, it definitely should be on your list of places to see. Around Pike Place Market, there are many quick stops like – Beecher’s for some mind-blowing Mac & Cheese, the 1st ever Starbucks, Piroshky Piroshky Bakery and the Gum Wall.

– Seattle Underground Tour (@ Pioneer Square): There is a network of underground passageways and basements in downtown that was originally ground level but after the streets were elevated these spaces fell underground. This was a very interesting tour, like no other where we got to learn more about the history of this city! Read more about it here: Seattle Underground Wiki

– Westlake Center is a fun area for shopping and hanging out.

– Boeing Tour @ Paine Field: This was a really cool experience. We toured the facility where infront of us they were assembling 747, 777, 787 Dreamliners. Learning more about the airplanes in which we fly often was really cool. More about it here: Boeing Tour

– Microsoft has its campus in Seattle and it’s definitely worth the visit. The IBM and Google offices are just like any other office building, so skip those.

If you have more time on your hands, here are some stops you could check out:

  • Capitol Hill is where you shall be able to view the oldest mansions of the city
  • The Central Public Library is a beautiful structure for photo-ops
  • Fremont Streets
  • Ballard Locks / Hiram M. Chittenden Locks: Historic Landmark
  • Tacoma Museum of Glass
  • Theo’s Chocolate Factory
  • Green Lake
  • Beth’s Cafe
  • Flight Museum
  • Waterfall Garden
  • Queen Anne Blvd.
  • Kinnear Park
  • Hiawathe Playfield
  • Mount Si
  • Mount Helens
  • Fremont Trail
  • Bill Gates House

Restaurants to try:

– Toulouse Petit (drinks and appetizers)

– Walrus & Carpenter

– Da Spot Hookah Lounge

– Falafel King @ Pike Place Market

– Bombay Wala @ Westlake Center

– Yummy Crepe @ Westlake Center

Now for my favorite part, the photo dump:







I hope this post has convinced you to book your next getaway to the fun city of Seattle and experience all that it has to offer! Enjoy!!

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