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Hey y’all, Happy 1st day of Fall!!! And just like that, its fall!! Crazy right?! This year is flying by. Even though Houston still feels like summer, especially during the day, the early mornings and evenings have started to cool down. I am working on my Fall bucket list and will share in a future post, but in the mean time, check out my Summer bucket list (~ Summer 2016: Bucket List!) an update of which will be coming to the blog soon…

So back to today’s post. Over the years, I have gotten many compliments on my style and how I dress up! I am actually a comfort loving person, but do enjoy indulging in dressing up 🙂 My styles are mostly simple yet chic, and I like investing in classic pieces that will be in my wardrobe for a long time and are yet all budget friendly. I am always on the lookout for deals, and outlet mall shopping is one of my favorite weekend activities 😉


I love accessorizing and have many scarves, necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc. in my wardrobe to give my pieces a new look with every look. I believe accessorizing is the key to looking well put together because it shows that you’ve given a thought to dressing up and not just put on the first thing you found in your wardrobe! So today, I am sharing 7 tips for accessorizing that work for me, hope they work for you too! So without further ado, here goes:

1) Understand the importance of accessorizing

Accessorizing is like an art and you need to be creative to put something cool together but this process is not supposed to give you headaches!! Accessories help you stand out, as experimenting with different types of hairpieces, belts, jewelry will make a statement and trust me, no 2 people will style the same accessories the same way!

2) Fab Bags + Fab Shoes = Win win!

Plain clothes can be accessorized to look stunning with a good-looking bag and cute shoes. Don’t get me wrong, you do not need to shop at high-end brands for this, just make sure to pick up good pieces even if it’s from Target!

You don’t have to go all out and blow all your hard-earned money at a Burberry store instead remember this-with so many wonderful, budget-friendly brands out there and so many great end-of-the season sales, and so many outlet malls around, you have millions of options to choose from all while staying budget friendly. A win-win in my books!!

Just like a good bag, if you have good shoes on, you make even a $10 knitted dress look like a million bucks!

3) Experiment with colors

If you know me, you know that I have never been thin. I am on the “healthier” side (as us Indians like to call it, LOL!!) and had lots of black in my wardrobe, as ofcourse all of us know that black makes you look thin! But, for a couple of years, I have started wearing more colors and trust me, any look carried out with confidence makes you look beautiful no matter thin or not.

So my next tip is on how to avoid boring monochromatic looks. Too much black could make you gloomier than a day without sunshine, whereas too much white will make you look like a bride to be. Also matching shoes, bag and clothes (regardless of the color) is never a good idea!! This doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to wear shoes and bags that don’t match – I like when my shoes match my bag too, but complimenting pieces look just as good.

For example, never wear a red dress with red shoes and red bag, just don’t! If you are wearing all black choose a bag and/or a jacket/scarf/necklace in a bold color to stand out and make a statement and not be flushed out by your monochromatic look. Turquoise, red, orange, yellow, green or blue accessories look great on browns, blacks, whites and off white tones and will brighten up your ensemble.

4) Experiment with jewelry

Ah, jewelry… It’s amazing what you can do with just a couple of eye-catching, trendy budget-friendly pieces! Charming Charlie, H&M, Old Navy, Cato’s, Rue 21, New York and Company, Icing are my favorite stores to stock up on trendy jewelry. In the spring/summer months, I always accessorize with necklaces, earrings and bracelets!

Your jewelry doesn’t have to be gold, silver or platinum! Infact leave those for weddings you have to attend or some major festival celebrations and invest in some cheaper junk jewelry to spice up your look on an everyday basis.  Rings are also a cool way to catch the eye and every time you put up your hair, don’t forget to wear earrings!

5) Experiment with scarves

What jewelry does for you in the spring/summer months, scarves do the same in fall and winter months! Scarves add a zing to your look when the skies are grey, literally! My favorite places to buy scarves are Charming Charlie, Old Navy, Cato’s, Target and believe it or not, I have always found some really cute scarves on various websites online and even at Walmart!!

When styling scarves, do not be scared to experiment with prints. Remember your clothes do no have to always match, clashing prints can look good too!

6) Discover your inner Diva!

Find your own way to be trendy, to make the trends work for you – that’s the true meaning of being a fashionista. We are all Divas in our ways, we just have to unleash the Diva in us! Find your style, as that will work best for you no matter what any actress or model wears. Let them inspire you, but definitely do not blindly copy! Be-YOU-tiful!!

7) Find the perfect balance

When it comes to accessorizing, less can be more but then again, less can also mean “not enough” and you don’t want people to describe your style like that. Another thing you don’t want is to overdo it and become that one person who is known to be trying too hard. So, my final tip on how to accessorize would be to find a perfect balance between looking blah and trying too hard!

To be honest, it’s actually quite simple- if you are wearing a glitzy, bejeweled dress/top, skip the excess jewelry (such as necklaces or long earrings) and opt for a bracelet or a statement ring instead. Glitzy dresses look best with neutral shoes (black or nude) and glitzy shoes will look fabulous if you pair them with a simple dress. A sexy sparkly top goes well with a pair of skinny jeans, but again, go easy on the jewelry.

Another tip to follow is to skip wearing the chunky necklace and earrings together, just one of those is more than enough! Plain, knitted dresses or turtleneck blouses need to be accessorized so don’t be afraid to throw in a cute scarf or a nice chic necklace! If necklaces are not your thing, definitely consider belts and long eye-catching earrings to spice up the plain, knitted dresses or turtleneck blouses.

It’s all about finding what works as your perfect balance!!


You see, there are many fun, budget-friendly ways to be stylish and unique! So before you go on a shopping spree determined to spend your entire salary, figure out how to accessorize clothes you already have 😉 🙂

So my fellow Divas, what are you waiting for?! Go ahead and create your own look by accessorizing away to glory!! Enjoy!! Until next time, stay stylish!!

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