~ Road Trip Ready!

Healthy-Road-Trip-TipsThe hubby and I love road trips! They are an awesome way to explore all while staying well in budget since there are no airplane tickets involved. Living in Houston, Texas definitely has its advantages since we have lots to explore just a couple of hours away.

We have taken road trips within Texas – Hill Country, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth among others, as well as driven to neighboring states like Louisiana (Lake Charles and New Orleans), Arkansas etc. Our longest road trip was when the hubby moved from Virginia to Houston – that one was superb! Tiring for the hubby since he did majority of the driving, but super fun for me! Haha!

For many of us spring/summer time is road tripping time so I will be sharing some road trip itineraries in my future posts to help you plan some getaways around Texas. Today, I am sharing some of my road trip essentials hoping to get you road trip ready 🙂 This post is in addition to your usual packing list.

  • Ensure the vehicle you are going to use has been serviced, liquids have been topped up (wiper fluid is more important than you would think!) fueled up and ready to go – this is of utmost importance since you do not want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere.
  • Music: Very important indeed! Have a playlist ready coz your favorite radio station will be short-lived depending on how far you are going. Having playlists on your CDs and SD cards, or aux cable to play from your phone playlist is definitely helpful. Have a couple of options so you don’t get bored. If you like listening to Pandora or Podcasts, ensure you download it before starting your trip because internet connection can be spotty on the road.
  • Water and Snacks: Always carry a crate of water when taking a roadtrip. You never know when you get stranded, so water is an absolute must. Stop by your local grocery store to stock up on snacks since gas stations are always overpriced. Carry a cooler with ice to keep drinks cold as well as other items that need to be kept cool, especially in the scorching heat of the Texan summer. We usually start off our road trip by making sandwiches for the road so you can save time by not having to stop to grab a bite. Fruits like apple (that do not go bad quick) and granola bars are a good option too. Definitely do not forget the candy and gum!
  • Fleece blanket / cushions: Long road trips can get tiring so it is always a good idea to get some rest by stopping at the rest stops. Fleece blanket helps if one of you is cold thanks to the other feeling hot and blasting the AC, and cushions provide good back support should you need it.
  • First Aid Kit: I always pack a mini first aid kit with some basics like pain killers, bandaids, baby wipes, antibacterial wipes, cold pack and other medication for an upset stomach, allergy etc. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Documents: In the age of smart phones having maps, this advice of mine is old school but necessary since sometimes the internet connection maybe bad and the navigation on your phone may stall. In situations like these having directions printed out is always helpful. Also carry print outs of hotel and tour reservations.
  • Trash Bags: I do not like a messy car at all, I always carry trash bags and dispose off all trash in that. When we stop at a rest stop or for gas, I throw away the trash. Clean car = happy riders!
  • Games: The drive can get monotonous so playing games like “I spy” is a fun way to have fun while not distracting the driver. Pack some travel size games for a break at the rest stops.
  • Have a plan but be spontaneous as well: Have a plan and set a time by which you want to arrive at your destination but do not skip pit stops. It’s helpful for reviving the spirits to keep on going and you might also get to experience something new that you hadn’t actually planned for!
  • Flip Flops: Your feet will thank you! Trust me! Wearing flip-flops gives you the freedom of taking them off and getting comfortable during the long drive.

Hope these tips were helpful and you are ready to head somewhere fun! Go ahead, have a good time, you deserve it! Do comment and let me know where you are headed to, I would love to hear 🙂


11 thoughts on “~ Road Trip Ready!

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  7. Nice post.. Thanks for articulating the minure details. I had couple of long road trips one to Denver, CO and other to Orlando, FL in last 2 years and can pretty much relate to this. Keep writing!


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