~ Jewelry Organization – Earrings!

Just like every other girl, I have many earrings. Usually we forget where they are kept and which ones we have, resulting in repeating the same ones again and again. Atleast I am guilty of this! Recently I dedicated a weekend to organizing all my earrings, so I would be able to sort through them easily and save some time while getting ready. Thanks to the hubby for helping out 🙂

Here in this post, I am sharing some earring organization techniques that I use, hope it’s helpful for you too!

Hanging Organizer


My earring organizer is from Charming Charlie, but you can find similar ones, probably cheaper, at stores like Ross, TJ Maxx and other similar stores. This is super useful as it hangs quietly in the corner of your closet while keeping your earrings tangle free and organized. This works especially well for long dangling earrings.

The other side of this organizer has loops to hang necklaces hence it’s actually a 2-in-1 kind of deal!! I do not use it for both earrings and necklaces since I hang it behind the closet door as I am not blessed with a huge walk in closet, thanks to my 1 bedroom apartment. I will share my necklace organization technique in a separate post.

I wasn’t able to find a link for these at Charming Charlie, but Amazon has some very good options and you can view those by using the link below:


Walmart has some good choices to offer as well:



Jewelry Cabinet


This was actually a birthday gift by a very special friend and has been on my dressing table ever since! It’s extremely useful for arranging jewelry I use often, mostly on a daily basis.

The drawers can be used to keep earrings (as I use it), rings, or even delicate necklaces. The sides open up and you can hang either necklaces or bracelets.

Initially, I used to just dump my earrings in the drawers but often I found it difficult to locate the other pair or the back clasp in the middle of the chaos of getting ready for work or otherwise. One weekend the hubby and I sat down and tore small rectangles of regular printer paper and organized my earrings as shown in the top left pic of the collage above. This way I could put multiple earrings together while making it easier for me to locate both matching pairs. This task helped me reunite with my long-lost and forgotten earrings, and now my collection feels like it has doubled! Needless to say, I am happy 🙂

If you are feeling fancy, you can also use ribbons to keep the studs in line. Make sure you are using thick and sturdy ribbons that won’t tear easily.

Here is the link for something similar to my jewelry cabinet:




Below are some good options, if you have a lot of drawer space available (a thrifty idea could be using ice trays to store earrings):



I am crushing on this two-in-one jewelry organizer with a mirror!!


Here are some more cute options for earring organizers:



I hope these ideas have inspired you to arrange your earrings in an organized manner! I would love to hear how you organize your earrings, maybe I could learn a trick or two from you as well 🙂

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