~ How to get your Toddler to pose for pix!

If you follow me on Insta (@nshrivas) which by the way, by now, you totally should be, you’d know I post a lot of pix of LilMissK as well, and always get lots of love on those and often questions on how I get to click such nice pix of her’s?! Honestly, she gets a lot of it from us as we love clicking pix, but a lot of it is some tips and tricks as well, which I am going to share with you in my post today.

Clicking pix with the little ones gets harder and harder as they grow up! And right now at 2.10 years old LilMissK has the sweetest personality and it’s often hard to capture in pix, but patience goes a long way, and mostly the end result is a cute pic! LOL!! She’s learned a lot, we have learned a lot and since we are clicker addicted as parents, we don’t give up that easy either! LOL!!

It obviously takes numerous tries and lots of figuring out some new techniques here and there, that work, today I am sharing the ones that work for us, hopefully they’ll work out for you too!

– Maybe sit instead of stand?!

For younger toddlers who always want to keep running out / being in one place isn’t their jam, that’s when this tip comes in handy.

With someplace to sit at, your little one would be still just enough for you to get a good pic. Using a tripod also helps as in the meantime before getting ready for the next click, you can soothe/pacify and reposition them as needed. And given that the tripod is more stable than your hand held camera, it makes for less blurry pix.

But believe it or not, we always use just our phones and our tripod and camera are collecting dust somewhere. We love the quality of the iPhone just enough to not bother and also having our phones on us all the time, makes it easier to capture moments.

Anyways, I digress – so coming back to point on hand, use neutral furniture or toys for them to sit on/around doesn’t distract the eyes when looking at the pic. Also another favorite of mine is sitting outdoors – picnic kinds.

– Give then something to hold / look at / play with!!

Though this wouldn’t always get your little one to look at you, you will get them to be still enough for a good pic! Kinda win-win?!

Mostly whatever has been handed to them, delights them and after a couple of minutes of exploring it, they’ll look up to share their delight and that my friends, is your cue to click the perfect twinkle in the eye pic! Now that’s the actual win-win!!

– Asking silly questions / jingling silly things always works!

If you want them to smile or even give you a belly laugh for that perfect moment to be captured, be ready to act silly! Tell them silly jokes, make silly faces or even jingle stuff (car keys work great) and you’ll get that mini moment of the desired reaction so stay on top of your camera game and capture instantly! Or ask your other half to be on your team and work together to capture that perfect moment!!

– Be ready for the right moment, which can be any moment!!

In today’s world, thankfully we don’t always have to have our digital camera on hand, our smart phones have made it very easy and simple to capture everyday moments just as they are happening. And with the picture quality being just as good as otherwise clicked pix, what’s not to love about this ease.

We are always ready with our phones on hand to capture anything and almost everything LilMissK does over the period of the day! Being in her element, playing with her toys or even while she watches some rhymes, the expressions and faces she makes, are worth every single drop of my phone’s memory card!

And that my friend is my two-cents on how to get good pix! Lemme know if these tips worked for you and also lemme know which tips apart from these, do the trick for you!

Until next time, keep on capturing all moments 🙂

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