~ Quick Fix: Mummy’s world famous, in Kuwait, Dhaniya (Cilantro / Coriander) ki Chutney!!

For those of you who follow me on Insta (nshrivas) know that my mom’s here with us, and while I have been enjoying all her yummy food, the weighing scale has not been enjoying when I get on it. Haha!!

Among a lot of yummy things she makes, recipes of various dishes I have already shared here on my blog, and many I am working on compiling, Dhaniya ki chutney is one that’s understated and commonly overlooked upon.

BUT making the perfect Dhaniya ki chutney is an art and I can proudly say that mommy makes it best, as it’s often the most requested item when she has pool dinners, kitty parties etc. So today, I decided to share it with y’all.

This is one recipe that you can make in bulk and freeze for later consumption. Here’s how to go about making it.


– 10 cilantro bunches

– Juice of 4 – 5 big lemons (adjust according to the tartness you like)

– 10 – 15 thin Green Chillies (again adjustable)

– Salt according to taste

– 1 full pod of Garlic

– If Raw mango is available, you can add those instead of lemon juice.


– Start with properly washing the cilantro bunches to get rid of the dirt. Chop roughly. Keep aside.

– Not in a blender, put everything except for lemon juice. Add lemon juice at the final stir else it sometimes get bitter.

– Add very little water in this process because the chutney should not be watery.

– Store it in air tight container / bottles.

It’s quite a versatile dish, so you can also add Mint leaves but the proportion should be 2:10!

As mentioned earlier, you can freeze this for future use. Either use ice cube trays and once frozen, out those cubes in Tupperware and let it stay in the freezer and when needed, grab as many cubes and let thaw completely before serving or if you eat this in bulk, like we do, you can also freeze them in jars and put them in the freezer the day before you want to use it. It hold up really well!! And this way, you always have dhaniya ki chutney on hand!! Yay!

Until next time, stay satisfied!!

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