~ Ways To Stay In Touch!! Social Distancing Style!

Hi Y’all!! How’s it going where you are at?! Here in Houston, we are on our 4th week of “Stay at home” order and social distancing is key right now. I am lucky to have my mom here with us along with the usual suspects LilMissK and my hubby, but I have a lot of friends that are stuck alone and this isolation can lead to feeling lonely and sad. So today, I am sharing with you, some ways on staying in touch during these CoronaVirus days so you can stay connected, social distancing style!


FaceTime or Whatsapp Video Call: We usually do this anyways, but especially now days, it’s a life saver! Not only do we do the daily bajillion FTs with my side of the family in Mumbai, and even with the in-laws in Lucknow, this has become a good way to stay connected with our extended family and even our friends who are all over! I have even used this to make my dad virtual baby-sit Kritu once when I had to talk an important work call while I was working from home. LOL!

Zoom Meetings: I had never used this for anything in the past, but during this lockdown period, for getting multiple people together at the same time, Zoom is life! It was my dad’s 65th birthday on the 4th and while he is in India with my sister, he’s been missing me mom a lot, and also since it’s his 65th, a milestone birthday, my sister decided to make it special for him by doing a Zoom call with all our family friends and family from both my mom and dad’s side, and believe me, it was the best surprise for him and he loved it. Since then, our family friends in Kuwait have used it to have a virtual hangout kitty, my sister has used it to have a virtual party with her girlfriends and I am fixing up a girly party with my girlfriends for this weekend too! It’s such a fun thing to do. Try it out!

Drive By’s: This has been Kritu’s favorite! Around our neighborhood, she has a couple of friends and since now days everyone is so bored of being indoors by the evening, that eveyone is either sitting in the driveway or the front lawn, we drive by and say hi to everyone! Kritu even had an entire conversation of 10 minutes with her friend yesterday while we had stopped to say hi. Ofcourse we stay in the car and they on their driveway or front yard, we maintain atleast 6 feet distance so all is good there. It’s like sayin hi from a safe distance.

Sending Emails: I would not recommend using snail mail, as that’s one extra thing to disinfect and get inside the house, but emails work just fine – we do not usually send a hi email anymore, so one would be nice to surprise someone in their inbox! If there is a birthday coming up, gift cards would work best or snail mail then would be fine too, to make the gift extra special 🙂

Frequent Texts: Just to say hi or check up on people – who doesn’t love getting a sweet message from a dear one?!

These were just some things I do to stay connected with my loved ones in this time of stress and anxiety. I understand this time is tough for everyone for different reasons, but no matter what. we are all missing human interaction, so these small steps might just be the way to feel more connected and make special people in your life feel more loved. Go ahead and enjoy, you do not “not” have to be social during social distancing, just keep distance though!

How are you keeping in touch with loved ones?! I’d love to hear…

** Image courtsey Google! **

Until next time, stay safe, stay home if you can, and wash those hands!

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