~ Self Care…

Self Care is of utmost importance, especially for us women since we juggle so many resposnibilties and tasks!

Especially now days when the demand for our home-maker role is high along with being working moms, students, or just in general, even SAHM are busy in their usual days, trust me, I have been one.

And since we have been in Quarantine, believe it or not, the workload for us women, especially us mommies, has sky rocketed with the kiddos being home, the hubby is working from home and so there’s endless needs of meals and snacks – laundry – cleaning the house and arranging stuff! It’s tiring! Let’s just be honest!

My ideal self-care is pretty simple and easily do-able since I am mother of a 2.7 year old baby girl, plenty of free time is hard to get!

Sleep: I love my sleep, it’s precious to me and makes me feel like a million bucks. Even though not gonna lie, waking up early makes me feel very productive. I like to sleep in atleast one day of the weekend and that’s a part of my self-care along with a bunch of other things like what I am sharing below –

Hot bath: My favorite! A hot bubble bath with some bath bombs and epsom salt is something I like to indulge in this once a week, if not then once in 2 weeks for sure! This is my guilty pleasure! It’s just so rejuvenating and refreshing! I do this while LilMissK naps so it’s easy to not get disturbed. I swear by Bath and Body Work’s Aroma Therapy products. Their body lotion, massage oils, body wash, bath soaks and salts smell heavenly. Along with that Dr. Teal’s has some great epsom salt collection and my bath bombs are from amazon, I am linking them for you here:

Candles: Now days when I am working from home, lighting a candle is how I start my evenings. It’s what clearly marks the end of my work day and the start of chilling time! Invest in good candles, and Bath and Body works has some really good smells.

Coloring: I recently started this again. After becoming a mommy, who had the time to sit and leisurely color? No, not me! But thanks to this stay at home time, and my sister’s reminder, I have dusted off some of my mandala painting books and this has become a therapeutic thing for me once again… And this time, I have gotten mommy bear to join in too! Keep it away from the reach of your kiddos though! LOL!!

Reading: Something I used to love doing, but haven’t had the chance to make time for this in a long time! Hoping to get back this sooner than later!

Outdoors: I love spending time outdoors – be it on my patio swing in the backyard or in the driveway in the evenings. With parks being closed right now, we try to make the most of neighborhood walks every evening (all while maintaining distance from other people – what has our world come to!), but I have to spend sometime outdoors every single day!!

TV: This is also my way of unwinding and relaxing. Netflix, Hotstar (hindi stuff) and Amazon Prime are giving me life at the moment to be honest, and every often end up getting over other forms of self-care, because honestly, these are different times and it’s ok!

I am compiling a list of shows we have seen over the years, will be sharing that soon, along with some big news coming your way – no I am not pregnant, it’s just something exciting the hubby and I are trying together, stay tuned!

I truly feel self-care is good for the soul and you should make some time for youself too! What do you or would you do for self-care, I’d love to hear!! 

Until next time, stay relaxed!

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