As a working mom, sometimes I feel like there is not time in my day to do somethings I really want to accomplish. The other day I was just sitting chit chatting with the hubby and he said, make a list of things you can do in 5 minute or less, this way you’ll be able to squeeze in somethings you really want to get done – so I did just that and trust me, it’s a wonderful idea!

Now when I want to take a quick break in the middle of other tasks, I go ahead and do a couple of things from this list, depending on how much time I have. It really makes me feel accomplished and hence in turn motivated!

So here’s just a couple of things I threw together in the list, in no particular order:

  1. Return emails
  2. Do Alom-Vilom (meditate)
  3. Read a few pages in a book
  4. Water the plants
  5. Change flower water/feed flowers
  6. Make a smoothie
  7. Clean the counter-tops
  8. Do some ab workouts
  9. Make a grocery list
  10. Put on some music and dance around
  11. Go outside and check the mail
  12. Watch a short YouTube video
  13. Make a to do list for tomorrow
  14. Go through an old blog post and update tags/categories
  15. Just sit outside and take in the fresh air
  16. Call your mom/dad/friend and say hi
  17. Write a note to send to a friend
  18. Clean your everyday jewelry
  19. Clean up your nightstand/sink
  20. Put things away that are out
  21. Hang up clothes
  22. Turn on the news and see what’s going on
  23. Insta stalk folks!
  24. Come up with a few blog post ideas
  25. Go outside and walk around for 5 minutes
  26. Put on a face mask (then take another 5 minutes later to wash it off)
  27. Try a new quick hairstyle
  28. Clean out the photos in your phone – delete crap you don’t need or maybe just wipe it down!
  29. Clean out a kitchen junk drawer or just wash a few dishes or load the dishwasher
  30. Eat some chocolate – because YOU deserve it!

I hope you enjoyed these 30 things you can do in 5 minutes or actually maybe even less! I would love to know what things you would add to this list! I always need more ideas!

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