~ An updated About Me Post!!

Hi Y’all 🙂 Welcome to all the new readers and well back to all the loyal readers!

I decided that it’s high time I update my “About Me” as something written way back in 2016 is no longer applicable! LOL!! I mean, for all of you who know and read my post ~ I am back!!! A life update… know that I am mommy now!!!!! So with such a major change in life, how dare I not update this section and tell you more about how I am still the girl I talked about in 2016 and how I have enhanced as a lady here in 2020 and how I am constantly looking to grow and find a part of me that’s a surprise to me too!

Okies, so firstly to introduce myself – I am Niti… Niti Shrivastava… Niti Shrivastava Shukla or Niti Shukla! This has remained the same – LOL!!

Born in Mumbai, India and brought up in Kuwait, I moved to the US to pursue my Bachelors in engineering for which I attended Virginia Tech. in Blacksburg, VA. Since graduating in May 2008, I have been working as a Safety and Risk Engineer in the Oil and Gas field in Houston, TX and currently working for a Chemical Plant.

I met the love of my life at Virginia Tech. and we started dating a month into university – talk about being fast! With love I call him Jaanu, which means sweetheart, or beloved, in Hindi. Our love story blog post is finally coming to y’all – stay tuned for that. I am going to be my cheesy bollywood lover self and going to call it Jab We Met, because why not!

We got married in Nov 2011 (this one will be shared eventually, it’s just a big one to write!) We did long distance for 4 years and finally, since June 2012 he has been living with me in Houston. He loves the city and his job. He moved here from Lynchburg, VA so needless to say he loves living in the big city, for more reasons than just me 😉

And on 19 August 2017, we got promoted to being parents of our perfect little girl, who is fondly called LilMissK here or #lilmisskrits on Instagram (follow me @nshrivas).

I love to travel, cook, read, watch movies, love anything to  do with water and love swimming, be it the pool or beaches!! I am a total beach lover, with my ideal vacation being to anywhere beachy as I love everything to do with sun and sand. I am pretty outdoorsy, enjoy a stroll in the park and I definitely am a people’s person, loving to catch up with my family and friends. I am foodie too and as that suggests, it’s a constant battle between that last piece of cake and being a size 6! LOL!! But this year (2020) the hubby and I have finally, FINALLY, decided to work on becoming fitter, not for the reason of being a size 6, but for being fit for our little one!

So welcome to my little world on the World Wide Web and please stay awhile…

Here’s finally wishing you a Very Happy New Year!! I mean it’s just the 15th of Jan, so I am not that late in wishing you – or am I?!


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