~ I am back!!! A life update…

Hey Y’all!!!

I guess atleast some of you have been wondering where did I disappear and why was there so much silence on the blog all this while?! What happened to the Mon & Thu blogging schedule and to all those promises I had made…

Well, let me tell you I haven’t forgotten about you folks but I have been MIA for a very good reason… That being – enjoying being Pregnant!

Yup, you guys read that right… I just had my beautiful baby girl, Kritika, on 19th August 2017 and I am one busy mommy and loving this new role and all the responsibilities that come with it.

From now my blog is also going to focus on this new role I have in life – being a mommy, but I will still continue with the usual – Fashion, Food, Travel and Lifestyle posts as well, so the non-mommy readers don’t get bored!

On the pregnancy/maternity/mommyhood front, I’ll be sharing lots of things and insights that I learned during my 1st pregnancy, from how to get through the different trimesters, to eating right and healthy for you and your baby, to maternity style in budget and also sharing what I wore and how I felt during these wonderful but also challenging at times, super fun months of being pregnant.

I’ll be introducing my munchkin soon as well, so stay tuned for that.

I probably won’t be regular on here for a while, come on, in all honestly, this new mommy thingi takes a while to get figured out all while being exhausted! Haha!! I do have some posts I had written while playing the waiting game in my 9th month, so I’ll start with sharing those first.

So, in a nutshell, thank you for being patient with me and I hope you’ll continue supporting me. Lots of love to y’all šŸ™‚

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