~ Second Trimester… Best of the best!!

After my 1st trimester post, today I am sharing some thoughts on 2nd trimester, so without further delay – continue reading…

Welcome to the Second Trimester!!!! This is the best of the 3, trust me! Your body is now used to the overload of the hormones and you are showing and glowing, and also feeling the baby which is one of the best feelings in the world!!

This trimester is a welcome break from all the morning sickness and fatigue and you finally have the energy to focus on yourself and your partner once again!!

While some women do suffer from morning sickness during this trimester too, I was blessed to not have to worry about that. I had regained my energy as well and was ready to paint the town red!

– This is the trimester where you’ll find out the gender of the baby, depending on where you live, here in the US, around week 18-22 is when they do the ultrasound where you find out whether your little munchkin is a girl or a boy!! Exciting, right?!

– Also this is the best time to go for a Babymoon!! For those who aren’t familiar with this concept – it’s basically a honeymoon but done before the baby arrives hence called Babymoon!! 

– You are going to start showing soon, which means looking super cute in no matter what you wear and also meaning shopping time!!! Yay!! I’ll be doing a separate post on maternity fashion, so stay tuned for that.

– Baby Registry!!!! This is a good time to start thinking of what all you would want for your little bundle of joy and starting a baby registry, as you aren’t yet that big yet, and getting around stores to do your research would not be a daunting task! I’ll be doing a separate post on my baby registry and what all I choose to put on it / buy for my little munchkin, so stay tuned for that as well!!

– Start getting your workouts in! If your 1st trimester was challenging and you couldn’t do much, now would be a good time to start a workout regime you. Definitely ask your doctor what and how much you are allowed to do, for me walks worked perfectly and were very refreshing too!

– Watch what you eat since this is when cravings start, definitely satisfy those cravings, you don’t want your child to be drooling after he/she is born (this comes from an Indian belief, and a good excuse to eat!) but also be mindful of what you eat because you’ll be having the Gestational Diabetes year this trimester and while you shouldn’t cheat the system, a healthy diet is definitely helpful. I for one was blessed to not have GD and could satisfy all my cravings without any guilt and trust me, I thank God for that everyday!!

– Enjoy your me time and also couple time because before you know it, you’ll have a new full time boss in that miniature human. It’s true, trust me!

Overall enjoy your pregnancy and don’t overthink anything. This is the time to pamper yourself and enjoy this journey 100%. Wishing all my expecting readers all the best and for those of you wanting to start your family, good luck with everything!

4 thoughts on “~ Second Trimester… Best of the best!!

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