~ First Trimester… Overwhelming!!

The day you get that +ve on the home pregnancy test, you embark on this beautiful 40 week journey that will change your life permanently and for the most part, for the better!!

False negatives are more common than false positives, so in my opinion, it’s always better to wait and rest again in a couple of days if you have been trying and/or have skipped your period and know there could be a slightest chance of being pregnant. During this wait (which is definitely not easy) start treating your body with the same love and care you would if you knew you were pregnant. And once you see that positive, no matter how faint, call your doctor and go get your HCG hormones tested, coz honestly that’s the best way to be sure.

If everything went the way you wanted and you are pregnant – congratulations!!!! And if things didn’t turn out your way, don stress, try again, there is always a right time for everything, and this may not have been yours. Easier said than done I know, but trust me when I say stress is your biggest enemy while trying to get pregnant and actually in life, in general!

With that +ve starts your 1st trimester, which actually in all honesty starts from the day you got pregnant and not from when you found out you were pregnant, if you know what I mean.

The 1st trimester is a challenging one, why you ask, well let me tell you – this one is a roller coaster of emotions! From all the hormones in your body going into overdrive, to morning sickness and fatigue, to not “looking” pregnant yet, but totally feeling pregnant, to wanting to tell the world but having to wait for 3 months before you do, to all the advice you get from parents and in-laws, to understanding your ever changing body, to feeling scared to making a mistake and loosing the baby, to just the simple changes you have to make to your day to day routine, it can all be, well, overwhelming!!!

Now let me share some tips that helped me through my 1st trimester. I am definitely no expert at it, just a first time mommy sharing the things that worked for me also while sharing the things that didn’t, so if you are interested, read on: 

– Engage your partner from Day 1:

Afterall it’s both your baby!! In all honesty, the sooner you engage your partner, the more connected they will feel to the baby. Remember the baby is inside you and so you already have this bond going, but for your partner, it will take a little bit to feel connected, especially since there isn’t a bump to connect with yet. Also, keeping him in the loop with how you feel physically and emotionally will help you both get closer and bond over this new responsibility coming your way. This way they will even understand your needs better and support you with whatever you need help with – be it household chores, grocery, eating healthy or just someone holding your hair while you throw up once again! Also make sure he can accompany you to all your doctor visits because not only do you need that support, he needs to be 100% involved in whatever is going on with you medically!

– Tell only your parents, in-laws and really close family first. Wait to even tell your close friends:

In all honestly, this really is the way to go! All the unsolicited advice from even your most caring and close friends gets annoying coz you are you and each pregnancy is different. Our parents, in-laws and close family know enough to provide us with tried and tested remedies etc.

– Start treating your body like a temple and the little one growing inside you like a God you are devoted to!!

And by this I mean, listen to your body – rest when you need it, eat healthy, exercise (walking being the best) of your doctor allows it and just in general do not abuse your body, be good to it, it’s working very hard on safely and perfectly growing your little miracle, your bundle of joy!

– DO NOT GOOGLE, I repeat, do not google any symptoms etc. 

Oh my God! I am guilty of googling, extensively and ending up in a rabbit hole every time there was an ache or a twinge or just in general. I guess it’s a first time being pregnant thing, but still, try to stay away from Google as much as you can. Call your doctor instead, mine was usually good about even my silliest questions and got back to me in a timely fashion. 

– Do read articles online about what to avoid and other precautions to take during the 1st trimester:

This is important. You definitely learn a lot from the “trustworthy” websites and blogs, I loved reading blogs and seeing how other girl’s body behaved / their experiences when they were pregnant. It’s good to read articles like foods and activities to avoid while being pregnant among others like how to still feel yourself while your body may not be feeling a 100% like your earlier self.

– Find / make sure you like your doctor:

This my friends is of utmost importance… If you do not like your current doctor, now is the time to change coz the farther along you are in your pregnancy, the more challenging it will become to change doctors. If you like your current one, nothing like it. Go ahead and schedule your 1st appointment which in the US they see you only after 8 weeks of being pregnant (which is calculated from your beginning date of last menstrual cycle). The wait can be torturing coz all you want to do is see your little peanut, but trust me it’s worth it!!!!!! That feeling you’ll get when you see your little one for the 1st on the ultrasound screen, is beyond words, it’s magical.

– Raid your hubby’s closet to wear loose clothing:

It’s too early to buy maternity clothes because you will start showing / growing only about 12 weeks or so, so it’s best to raid your hubby’s closet if yours is starting to feel restricting. I didn’t have issues with tops but I did definitely not want to wear any of my jeggings / skirts etc. from the very beginning coz they left tight and that was due to bloating, which usually happens. In that case, I would suggest you do what I did, invest in some stretchy maternity yoga pants that’ll grow with you!

– Make small changes to your lifestyle, more to make it a habit for the next couple of months:  

This is very very important. The next couple of months will be challenging if you do not accept that life as you know is changing and you need to adapt along with it. There will be chores you no longer can do, some for safety reasons and some due to convenience because as your bump grows, some of the usual chores will be difficult and challenging to accomplish on your own.

– Be careful: 

Make this a habit from now onwards. Being careful is the key to a happy and healthy pregnancy.

For you experienced mommies, I’d love to hear what worked for you and for you new mommies and mommies to be, congratulations!!! Hope this post was helpful in calming down some of your nerves! Thanks for reading and do let me know if this post was helpful.

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