~ Couple’s Fashion: Summer!

Hey y’all, Happy 4th of July!! Hope you all are having a fun long weekend, as I am sharing this post, we are on our way back from a beach vacation 🙂 It was splendid, very relaxing and we did exactly what we wanted to – be beach bums! I will be sharing details of our trip in a separate blog post very soon, but in the meantime, today I am sharing with you some of our summer looks.

Summer in Houston is deadly! It’s 90F (33C) almost all day long with humidity reaching its peak! The evenings are also warm so there is no break from the heat! But I am not complaining as hotter days = more fun in the water, be it beach days, swimming or visiting water parks!

In summer, dressing in comfy breathable clothes is the key to being stylish. The hubby prefers shirts that are light and of breathable material (mostly linen) or light colored short sleeve t-shirts to keep cool in the summers.  Jeans and Khaki pants are his choice for evenings out but during the day it’s mostly shorts. For me, it really depends on my mood and the pix in this post show just that! I like to keep cool so choose fabrics accordingly, but I wear almost everything – shorts, capris, dresses, linen pants, just depending on my mood for that day. In the summer, I accessorize with statement necklaces, earrings and bracelets which makes my arm candy!


In this collage our looks are from a picnic at Hermann Park, a day around town, heading out for lunch on a weekend and lastly, a fun day at Top Golf.

Details on my looks:

My tops in the collage above are pretty casual. The pink one is from Target and the blue and black ones are from Cato’s. I bought these from the Cato’s store on Eldridge Pkwy in Houston, and when I went back 2 weeks later, I found the same style in orange on clearance, and needless to say I bought that one as well… I have a lot of printed bottoms and tops both, so I have been on the lookout for plain tees/tops and this style goes with many options! I wish I could find it in more colors so I could stock up!! My latest addiction is lace and crochet! They are so chic and cute, all while being airy in the scorching heat of Texas!!

Anyways, I could not find a link to it online, but here are some really cute options from Catos and Target:



My dress here is from Old Navy and the Shrug from JC Penny.




Old Navy’s website has this cool thing now where they categorize the dresses per occasion, check it out:


My shorts and capris are from Sam’s Club, the shorts are Calvin Klein and the capris are from a brand called June and Daisy! I swear by this brand and all my leggings, jeggings and capris are June and Daisy brand found in a Sam’s Club near you.

My sport shoes are Nike, and I love that they are pink! Not that I am an overly girly girl and have everything that is pink, but it’s just coz I feel like they make a statement for themselves! The sandals I am wearing with my dress are from Tommy Hilfiger. The beige shoes are from Cato’s and the funky ones from Payless. Below are the links you can follow for similar items:





My necklaces are from Charming Charlie! Other places I get my jewelry at are Forever 21, H&M, Rue 21, Icing, Old Navy, Catos among others. There are way too many cute options available, so be sure to check it out:







My purses in the looks above are from Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger and you can find similar options using the link below:



Details on the hubby’s looks:


Hubby picks up his shorts from mostly AE or IZOD, and here are links for similar ones from the collage above:




He loves his Pepe Jeans – gets them from India, Shopper’s Stop! Here in the US, his favorite brands of jeans are Levis and Lee.

Khakis / Cargo Pants:



Hubby’s shirts are from all over the place – Tommy Hilfiger, Old Navy, AE, Polo Ralph Lauren among others.





Shoes are Calvin Klein from Macy’s:


Flip-Flops are from AE:


Hope you enjoyed this post and painting the town red with your own summer style! Comment here and let me know what are your go-tos for looking chic are in the summer 🙂 I would love to hear… Until next time, stay stylish!!

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