~ Office Fashion: Men!

Today’s post is all about men! No, don’t exit out of my post just yet, coz men do deserve some attention, don’t they 😉

Last month, I had discussed office fashion for women with details on what to wear, what not to wear and talked about some of my work wear looks as well, you can view the post here:

~ Office Fashion – 1

I got a lot of good feed back on that and thank you all for that! I will be sharing more looks of my work wear soon, but for now, as promised before, here is the office fashion post for men!

Dressing well for men is as important as it is for women. Granted they have fewer options to play with but do not let their lack of options fool you! Some men can be dressed rather interestingly! Ofcourse, definitely read your company’s dress-to-work guide, to know more about what they expect from you, this is the best way to know what is acceptable at your work, and what is not. Dressing well for work is essential. Not only is it nice to look good and polished at work, but how you dress is also important in the way people perceive you at work. A polished, professional image leaves a lasting impact on your co-workers all while making you feel great!

So without further ado, here is a list for men’s office fashion dos and dont’s:

Business Formal Do’s & Don’ts:

Do wear:

  • Button-up dress shirt (always well-pressed)
  • Neck-tie of the appropriate length (tie should touch the top of your belt)
  • Tasteful suit jacket
  • Dress slacks (clean and pressed)
  • Polished dress shoes

Don’t wear:

  • Short-sleeve button-up shirts with a tie
  • Casual pants (cargos, Dockers)
  • Casual leather shoes
  • Wrinkled or soiled clothing
  • White socks

Business Casual Do’s & Don’ts:

Do wear:

  • Button-up or polo-style dress shirts
  • Casual pants (clean and neatly pressed)
  • Sweaters
  • Casual (and clean) leather shoes

Don’t wear:

  • T-shirts
  • Jeans or cargo pants (jeans are acceptable for casual Fridays)
  • Tennis shoes or sandals
  • Soiled or wrinkled clothes
  • Pants without a belt
  • Untucked shirts

Other Tips for Presenting the Best YOU!

Definitely invest in some wardrobe staples, like black and beige pants, crisp white and black shirt (wrinkle-free shirts in general), good black and brown shoes, a reversible black/brown belt (below are the links for some good options for belts):



Here are some of the hubby’s recent office looks:


During the summer, to keep cool, on some days, the hubby wears half sleeve shirts to work. His work follows business casual dress code, so this works just fine for him. Here are the details on his looks in the collage above:

Shoes (in both pix): Steve Madden


Details of the pic on the left are as follows:

Tan Formal Pants: Perry Ellis Portfolio Pant


Formal Shirt: Alfani from Macy’s


Details of the pic on the right are as follows:

Beige Formal Pants: Perry Ellis Portfolio Pant



Formal Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger from Macy’s



The look on the left is from a casual Friday hence he’s wearing jeans, but the look is not overly casual as it still needs to be work appropriate. Here are the details on his looks in the collage above:

Details of the pic on the left are as follows:

Black Jeans: Pepe Jeans from India

Blue shirt in demin finish: Old Navy



Black Shoes: Bass


Details of the pic on the right are as follows:

Black Formal Pant: Dockers Signature Khaki in Black


Purple and White Formal Shirt: Marks and Spencer, Kuwait

Black shoes: Calvin Klein


So, in general, a rule of thumb to follow is, no matter what you choose to wear at the office, your clothes should always be clean, pressed and stain-free. For men grooming is an important part of your look. Do not forget to shave your beards and trim your mustache. Having short, work appropriate hairstyle is the best, but for those you rebellious ones, do not forget to tame your hair with some gel. Many offices do not allow tattoos to be seen, so if you have a tattoo in a visible part of your body, do your best to cover it up.

These tips apply to your work related social media presence too, like LinkedIn etc. as it sends the right message to your colleagues, clients and anyone else viewing it. Always use professional pictures for these platforms, the pic from a crazy weekend in Vegas is not LinkedIn appropriate.

Hope you enjoyed this post on Men’s office fashion and found it informative. Now go use the upcoming weekend to shop for the men in your life and dress them to impress! Until next time, stay stylish! Ciao!

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