~ What’s in my Carry-on!!

Recently when I was packing for my trip to NYC and DC, the idea for this blog post came to me! I thought it would be a good idea to share with you all what is in my carry on. I for one am not a light traveler and I am consciously working on becoming one. My carry on is usually not stuffed, thank god for that! Haha!! I don’t take a ton of stuff with me on planes. Mostly it’s what I normally carry in my purse plus a few extras and I am sharing details below.



I like carrying a chic back pack along with a sling/cross body. This way I can have majority of the stuff in my bag pack while keeping the basic necessities in the sling bag.

My bag is from Steve Madden and the cross body from Kate Spade:




For my wallet, I usually carry my regular one. In addition I also pack a wristlet with a card holder. This easily fits into my sling for long sightseeing travel days and doubles up as my option for night outs.

My wallet is from Gucci, the wristlet from Coach and the card folder from Kate Spade. I also have one from Vera Bradley that has a separate ID window hence works better for vacations were you will go clubbing or grab drinks and have to show id. I usually shop from outlet malls and Katy Mills in Houston and Cypress Outlet Malls on 290 always have a good collection, but here are the links in case you are an online shopper:






I carry my iPad Mini with me to play games and/or surf and read. I always have headphones on me for either listening to music, or watching some videos. Headphones make talking on the phone easy, as this frees up my hands which are very important when trying to get around or shop at the airport. I always have my phone charger on me because I am always surfing Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook if not playing games and my battery dies really fast! A new thing that is added to my media list is a portable charger. Not always do we have access to plug points and even if we do, they are overcrowded with so many people wanting to charge their electronics, that this juice pack works wonders.

This Bose wireless headphone is awesome. These particular ones are not noise cancelling, but they actually do cancel a lot of outside disturbance, which is great! These are actually the hubby’s favorite (he’s had noise cancelling ones before) and I am linking it below:


Battery pack:




Book to read and note-book:

Being an avid reader, I use my layovers and flights to read. Often at the airport I will buy magazines and catch up on the latest style and fashion news during the flights. A small notebook is perfect to capture my thoughts and to-do/see lists that I sometimes update on the go. Off late it has also helps me track my thoughts regarding ideas for new blog posts!



I always carry a refillable water bottle with me as I refuse to pay 4$ for a bottle of water when you can easily fill yours up once past security check.

Chewing gum and mints are a must! Chewing gum helps pop your ears during takeoff and landing and mints keep your breath fresh even after a nap on the flight.I also keep a Listerine mouth spray with me for when I need to freshen up my breath with more than just chewing gum.

Off late since I am more conscious what I am eating, I carry fruits like apple or clementines/oranges with me – these do not go bad and are relatively easier to eat as they do not cause a mess.

You can also keep some nuts like Almonds, Pistachio etc. in small ziplock bags for quick snack options. Another famous choice of snack is trail mix, but I do not like it much. I sometimes also keep MnMs and other candy as an option for quick sugar fix when low on energy.



If travelling internationally, I always carry my passport. If travelling within the USA, I only carry my license. Always keep the passport in a different pouch, preferable water proof in case of spills. In addition to this, I always carry printouts of reservations and other important travel documents to ensure I am not stranded somewhere in case of no network on my phone. Sometimes airports do not have WiFi and using data plan could lead to incurring international fees and in times like these, printouts come in handy.

Girly Stuff:

A hairbrush, hair tie, some bobby pins and hair clips are a must in my bag. I also carry a roll-on perfume, a lipstick or two in neutral shades as well as a lip balm as it helps me curb chapped lips which often happens due to dryer air in the flights and sometimes at the destination I am traveling to.

Another thing which I always have on me when traveling is a scarf. I like the chic statement it adds to my otherwise comfy travel clothes and it also keeps me warm when airports or flights are chilly.

Since the power of my glasses is very high, carrying an extra pair of glasses is an absolute must for me (they are inside the vogue case). I seldom wear lenses and hence choose sun glasses that sit perfectly on top of my glasses. The ones in the picture are from Kate Spade, a new buy, and I am loving it. I am linking my choices from the pic below:



http://www.lorealparisusa.com/en/products/makeup/lip-color/lipstick/colour-riche-lipcolour.aspx (my shade is 210)

http://www.walmart.com/ip/Maybelline-Baby-Lips-Moisturizing-Lip-Balm/17324483 (mine is Pink Punch)

http://maxfactor-international.com/make-up-products/lips/lipstick/max-factor-colour-elixir-lipstick (I got this one from my sister, actually stole it out of her makeup bag, that’s what sisters are for right! Haha!! I have this one in 3 shades – Ruby Tuesday, Pink Brandy and Pomegranate. The color in the pic below is Pomegranate).



Hand sanitizer, Antibacterial wipes are of utmost importance. Airports and toilets are germ galore so this way you are making sure you stay away from all the yucky things you find at the airport. Always carry tissues in case you spill something or in case the restrooms are out of tissue.

Additionally, I always have face wipes. Wiping my face with a nice smelling and soothing face wipe calms and refreshes me after a long flight. I do not wear lots of makeup anyways so I do not have to worry about that.



Even though medicines are readily available at the shops on the airport, I always like carrying some basic ones (Advil, an antacid, cough drops, Vicks inhaler and Claritin for allergies) with me just in case.


I usually carry all the above listed things in different pouches (one for medicines, toiletries, my girly things etc.). I have way to many pouches! Some are free from when I got lucky at Macy’s with awesome deals and promotions on beauty purchases, others have been acquired on my travels to various places, while some are gifts from my mom and sis when they travel to exotic places (like the tiny blue one with the medicines my Mom got for me from Bali and the white one I use as passport folder my sis got it for me from their trip to Amritsar). I am linking some cute options below:





So that’s what is in my carry on, I would love to hear what’s in yours?

4 thoughts on “~ What’s in my Carry-on!!

  1. Superb..well written.
    Ur handbag/backpack will be stuffed once you have a kid 😉. U won’t find space even for ur lipstick 😝


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