~ Tips to shopping for clothes on Amazon!!

With this pandemic thingi going on, visiting the stores has been difficult if not impossible to say the least, and even if you do go, trying on clothes is something that’s not recommended to be done right now anyways, so why not shop online? From the comfort of your home without having to wear a mask or sanitize continuously?! Haha!!

Enter AMAZON! The one stop shop for anything and everything really, it’s quite crazy cool how you feed your family, clothe them, clean everything and also buy other miscellaneous things on there! But today I am just sticking to buying clothes. Today I am sharing tips of buying clothes on Amazon in collaboration with Goory Fashion Trends (find them here on Insta) and (here on Amazon).

– Know what to search for and where to search it. Since there are millions of brands and sellers available on Amazon, knowing where to start is key. First, go to amazon.com/fashion, and then either pick a category like “Women” or search for a particular item. For example, Tie Die Pullover Sweatshirt, like the one I am wearing in my third pic.

– Additionally use side filters: If you are a Prime Member (which trust me you should be because it’s totally worth it) filter by Prime and then star rating. Also filter by price so you can keep things within your price range. All these looks were below $30!!

Casual Dresses with Pockets
Find it here!!

– The number of reviews is a tricky one. Some newer good brands might not have many reviews, and some established ones might have a couple of bad reviews. In my opinion always take this with a grain of salt. Afterall almost always you have free returns so there’s nothing to loose really.

– If there are, read the reviews: For clothing and accessories, instead of the number of reviews, look for items with the most positive reviews. Many times its very detailed with item fitting instructions to indicate if it runs true to size, big or small. All Goory Fashion Trends items run true to size!

Button Down Shirts Casual Blouse Top:
Check this out!

– Keep a list of brands you know are trustworthy and shop from them often. It’s like having a favorite store at the mall. Mostly if the sizing and material is good from a seller I buy multiple things from their collection. Like with Goory Fashion Trends, these 3 looks – a casual hoodie, a button down night out kinda shirt and a dress with pockets perfect for a hands free kinda day are so varied in their looks but sizing is on point, material great and the pricing affordable. An all rounder and a win-win for sure! Needless to say I am gonna be buying more items from their collection, and you should too!

Tie Dye Sweatshirt Crew Neck:
You’re gonna love this!

Do you shop online?! On Amazon?! I’d love to hear some of your tricks and favorite brands / stores!

Until next time, stay stylish!!

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