~ 15 Ways to a New You!!

Hey Y’all, howdy?! How’s 2020 treating you so far? Are y’all done worn it already?! LOL!! Amidst these crazy times, about which I won’t talk, because let’s face it, every other place we turn is only talking about COVID19 / Coronavirus and everything related with it!

This quarantine and chill period while annoying has given us the time on our hands that we didn’t know we needed – be it catching up on sleep, or shows or doing that much needed home cleaning / re-organizing! So in light of all the free time we have on our hands, my today’s post talks about 15 ways to a new you! What that basically means it that, while you are perfect just the way you are, there is always something we can improve and/or do something new. Sometimes along the way we might develop a few bad habits or just get lazy, and this is the perfect time to press the refresh button and restart, even if it’s a forced break thanks to the current circumstances…

I wanted 2020 to be the year we make things happen. Be it getting better at taking care of our bodies, minds, souls – doing more of what makes us happy – and even letting go of negativity and toxic people! But instead now I am just praying for a normal regular year, and that would honestly be enough, LOL!!

Anyways, as we enter the 4th month of the year, and hope for things to get back to normal soon, here are 15 simple steps for a better new you, to be ready to take on the rest of the year, head on!

1. Set small goals: I feel like it’s easier to acheive smaller goals than bigger ones which in turn becomes more motivating. I have noticed that when I make a big massive goal, acheiving them can sometimes get tedious, so breaking down to do-able, acheivable tasks is a good idea.

2. Budget: Re-evaluate your finances and get a new start. It’s never too late to start saving and planning for the future.

3. Be Self-aware: Think about yourself too admist all of the other things. Self-care is a must because you can not really pour from an empty bucket! Keep some time aside for yourself every week, maybe like Sunday afternoons should be ‘me-time’ for self care!

4. Schedule some self-care time: This goes hand in hand with #3. Go get a massage, watch a movie, take a walk – do whatever it is that makes you feel better. We are all busy, but self-love and self-care is important too!

5. Eat more Organic stuff: Try to stay away from processed foods! We are trying our best to do this! I remeber those days when there wasn’t an organic section per say, because everything was good to eat, but in today’s world, everything has an organic version and it isn’t even very expensive, so whenever you can, buy those.

6. Health check-ups: Make that doctor’s appointment that you have been putting off for a while! I know I have been putting some of my health related stuff on the back burner and now is the time to get on top of things.

7. Get outside more: Time spent in nature does wonders to the soul. I am so excited and looking forward to longer days and more sunshine when spring finally arrives.

8. Read more often: It’s a good escape from the reality for a little bit! I used to have this wonderful habit of reading, then a baby happened… LOL!! I am trying to get back to it!

9. Make your surroundings more of what you want: Make your reality such that you do not want to escape!!

10. Set boundaries on social media: It’s a rabbit hole and we are all guilty of getting sucked in, try not to! I have made sure of the fact that I do not compare my everyday with other people’s highlight reel, and you should too. This leads to more happiness!

11. Clean your space: Toss out expired cosmetics, donate clothes you do not wear, clean your hair brush and make-up brushes! And do not forget to cleanse your pantry too.

12. Try some new things: Challenge youself! Go for that cooking-class, go sky diving or get that dip manicure you have always thought about, but never really got to doing. Also, change up your usual routine – you never know when something new might actually work out better for you!

13. Cook more often: I can not emphasis on this more! I cook every single day and fresh food, healthy home cooked food, is key to happiness… Happiness because it’s healthier, less expensive and just in turn a feel good factor when your cooking is appreciated. If cooking isn’t your forte, try it out by starting with simple recipes and then build up, this was the success rate would be higher and you won’t get sad!

14. Keep a journal/to-do list: Not only is it a good reminder, but crossing things off that list feels oh-so-good!!

15. Learn to say no: This is something I have been working on since 2019 and I kid you not, it’s great to say no to things you do not want to do or are just over-whelming. Take some time off and then come back, and trust me you’ll be more ready to get the ball rolling.

How did you like this list?! Is there anything you’s like to add to this list?! I’d love to hear!

Until next time, ciao!

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