~ To-Do… For a Happier Life!!

With December here, it’s time for many of us to start thinking of what our New Year resolutions are going to be. Some want to work out more, some be more successful while some want to delete those friends who aren’t adding any value to their life. While all these are great, and help you achieve a better you, have you given a thought to working on a happier life instead?!

A happier life by default leads you to a better you and a better life. And today, I am sharing a list that I think helps make us happier in turn making our lives happier.

So in no particular order, my list is as follows:

– Spend quality time with family, even if the quantity isn’t a lot. The key here is it being quality, which you guessed it, includes being away from your phones!

– Play with children, their innocence will amaze you.

– Give someone you love a hug or a kiss or both! The power of these to make you happier instantly is immense.

– Go for a walk around nature.

– Cook your favorite food.

– Buy flowers for loved ones and even for yourself, just because!

– Do a picnic.

– Travel to a new place.

– Re-visit an old place that has a lot of meaning in your life!

– Make time for friends.

– Do something new.

– Watch the sunrise.

– Now watch it set.

– Watch your favorite, feel good movie!

– Put on some music and just dance.

– Meet a good friend for coffee and conversations.

– Eat ice cream, or dessert in general.

– Have a bubble bath!!!

– And above all, be grateful for the wonderful life you have been blessed with.

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