~ Selfie 101…


If y’all know me, you know how much I love taking a selfie! I have some tips and tricks that I am sharing today on how to get a good selfie 🙂 The list is as follows:

– Be confident, be yourself: Nothing is as pretty as being natural and being yourself, so flaunt that smile with confidence.

– Use good lighting: Avoid having  a huge shadow cast over your face by facing directly into, or away from the sun. The golden hour to shoot a selfie outside is during sunrise or sunset, when the light is low and the most beautiful. If you are taking one inside find a window and click a selfie near one where the light is brightening your face. The better the lighting, the more radiant your face will look and ofcourse don’t forget about the shine your hair will get 😉

– Get the best angle: Practice by clicking many selfies before mastering your perfect angle to not only look drop dead gorgeous but also get rid of that double chin! Haha 😉 Clicking from an angle above the face level always works for me! You can also tilt your head to an angle which flaunts your features perfectly in turn making you look ravishing.

– Always use the front lens: In my books, it’s not a selfie if it’s not from the front lens of your phone!! The front lens is the best way to take a selfie as it always works as a mirror to get you diva ready!

– Try not to use flash: The flash can distort the pic and also makes it look a little grainy. My hack for this is to use another phone with its flash light acting as the flash. Works every single time!

-Filters are your friend: Do not fret from using a filter or two to make the pic look it’s best!

– Consider your background: Usually the best selfies have either interesting backgrounds or really simple ones, so stick with this rule. Also beware of photo-bombers. 🙂

Hope you are selfie-ready now! Go ahead and click away to glory!! Here are some of my recent selfies 😉 🙂



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