~ Why Travel??

It is a well-known fact that travelling makes you a happier person by building self-confidence, providing new experiences and memories that last a lifetime. It helps you take a break from your monotonous routine and gives you the opportunity to see new places and meet people from all over the world.


It’s no secret that the hubby and I love to travel!! We like to explore new places, experience new things and make new memories. Today I am sharing 7 reasons why I think travel is the best thing you could do for yourself:

1) Relax, Renew, Refresh: Everyone, I repeat, everyone deserves a break! Working women/men, students, house wives/husbands, kids, parents, everyone! Every once in a while we as humans need to take a break to relax, renew, refresh and rejuvenate our mind and body. It helps in remaining fresh and productive in our everyday activities. Be it a weekend getaway, a day away from the usual, a staycation or a vacation – I believe everyone needs a break once in a while or maybe a 6 month vacation twice a year!? I know I would love that! 😉

2) Makes us more independent: When you are not in your usual surrounding you tend to depend less on others and more on yourself to fulfill your needs, it is a basic human tendency. We learn to step out of our comfort zone and do things more creatively than the norm. You not only step out of your comfort zone, you thrive in it, have fun in it. Travelling also helps boost self-confidence thanks to the various new things we experience.

3) Experiencing new things: No matter where you go, you are bound to notice and experience new things which will always leave you more knowledgeable. The new places you see, the new foods you try, a new language you learn, the different cultures and traditions of the city you are travelling to, all leave you richer in your experiences. Traveling gives us perspective – the experience of meeting people from different places and learning about their life experiences will change the way you look at the world. When you have the opportunity to see it for yourself, it brings a healthy dose of reality to your views. Traveling turns you into a story-teller!

4) You learn a lot: From researching and planning the trip to being there and as simple as eating new cuisine, you are always learning a lot. Not to forget, you may pick a sentence or two in a new language!! Travel simply makes you more aware of things in general. Facing the challenges and opportunities travel presents, helps us discover ourselves better. You will surely learn more about yourself and the folks you travel with, all while learning more about the world we live in. The feeling you get when you reach the top of a mountain, or cross a gorge, try a new cuisine, or just simply checking off a place from your must-see list, is extremely satisfying! We also learn more about ourselves – our likes, dislikes, limits and strengths all come into the lime light when we are traveling.

5) You become less materialistic: I have surely seen a difference in my extravagance and spending surges due to the wanderlust bug that has bitten me. Instead of the new Louis Vuitton bag, I would rather save that money and buy a ticket to Italy for my vacation because believe it or not, it actually costs the same, or sometimes the tickets are cheaper if you are able to find a good deal. Haha! So why have more things when you can experience new things?!

6) Makes you appreciate what you have, even the little things: When you are out of your comfort zone, you start to appreciate even the little things you have taken for granted all along – be it your family, friends, the comfort of your own home or even your very own Keurig machine!!

7) Get to spend time with yourself, your family and friends: The key here is getting to spend time. Whether your travels take you to a place far far away, or you are just exploring your own city, travelling frees you and your family from their daily chores giving you more time together and in turn rejuvenating all of you. Doing activities together not only helps you bond but you also helps you understand each other’s likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. You find out new things about one another!

Hope I have convinced you to take a trip to some place exciting! Let me know where you are planning on going, I may want to tag along!!


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